Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 2 & 3: The ship

 We slept in, got put through the ringer with Alisa's personal training session, did some parking garage surfing,

played paparazzi on Star Island

no star sightings, just some amazing homes like this one that's owned by Lenny Kravitz:

Then we boarded the ship.  Yes, I purposely dressed nautical, I thought it very fitting.

We didn't waste any time and gourged ourselves at the buffet before we even left the port.

We explored the ship and all wished we could have afforded the balcony suites.

But since we couldn't afford it, Jason did what Jason does best and worked it.  He tried getting an upgrade but the ship was completely sold out, but he did become chummy with Jamie-with-the-cool-accent Hotel director who secured us highly sought after bridge tour invitations.  We (some more than others...Julie) were excited to meet the captain and see the ins and outs of how the ship works.

 Unfortunately for us there was a typo on the invite and it said 10:30 PM not AM and on the last day at sea we sat like this for 20 minutes before realizing we missed the tour.  Such a bummer, but Jason still gets kudos for schmoozing.

Finally it was bon voyage off into the crystal blue Carribean.

We spent that night, the next day and the next night at sea.  The food was delicious, the service was great, but we were kind of disappointed that there weren't a whole lot of amenities on the ship and we quickly learned that they were geared for more of the geriatric crowd.  When we saw a jazzy scooter rolling out of the night club, that was when we knew.  But atleast we were the best looking ones laying out by the pool and without much else to do that's pretty much how we spent the entire day, lounging by the pool sipping virgin pina colada's and thumbing through magazines.  It was a rough life.   Dinner was one of my favorite times, not only because I ate enough food at each sitting to last a week, but because it was so fun to just sit and talk.  We loved our waiter, Leonard.  Once again, Jason being Jason became buddies with him and they played basketball until 1:30am, I won't lie, I was worried he would end up as a missing person at sea on a Nightline special.  He came back alive and I love that he can make friends with anyone.  I also love that he and Joe dominated on the court and they won the ship's tournament later that week.  Jayden was very envious of his medal. 

singing happy birthday to Julie

speaking of missing persons at sea...we came across this girl (judging by her wardrobe we initially thought she was an old lady) around midnight passed out by herself on the upper deck (judging by the way she looked we initially thought she was dead).  We alerted security and she better thank us that she didn't have the same fate as that girl who went missing from a Bahama's cruise ship this same week.

It was a relaxing day, but by the end we were ready to hit the ground and get a taste of Jamaica. Ya mon.


Janessa said...

I'm glad you were able to peel yourself away from Jason to do a little blogging. We thank you! What a nice relaxing break from life. I can almost feel the sun rays and taste the pina colada's. I love all of Jason's new BFF stories. What a great guy! Bummer that the tour didn't work out. Jason definitely gets points for that one though.

Michelle Y. said...

So fun Jamie! I have been anxiously waiting for your blog posts about your trip :)

Chelsea said...

so happy you are already blogging! Dying at julie posing with the dead lush. Wish we were there!

Jodee said...

that looks like a grand time! I am so leary of cruises, hopefully this will help my fears by reading about your fantastic time!

Julie and Matt said...

Fun times!!! I want to go back!