Monday, February 13, 2012

And in other news....

We threw our friend, Julie a surprise 40th birthday party.  It was quite the bash and she makes 40 look fabulous!

Sundays are rough. 8:00 church and no TV makes for a looooong day.  Occasionally they'll get in the zone and play make believe together for hours and it makes me wonder why I dread Sundays so much. And then they start fighting, and then I remember.  But it really makes me appreciate the times that they do get along, like today when they created the Apple Bay Cafe.

Maddox can get the best belly laughs out of Ryder.  They adore each other, except when he shoots nerf darts at his head.

Maddox was Super NaNa for the day.  Which was much more fun than the day that he woke up convinced his leg was broken and wouldn't walk for 7 hours.  Carrying him from the couch to the bathroom every hour got really old really fast.  Not to mention peeling him off the asphalt then carrying a baby on each hip into the store.  Thankfully at 3pm he had a miraculous recovery and realized his foot wasn't broken afterall.

We spent Sunday making Valentine sugar cookies.  And then I made them write cards and give their cookies to each other because they wouldn't stop fighting.  Seeing their eyes light up and the hugs that followed after reading eachother's letters was priceless.  It made me almost as happy as the 2 hour nap Jason let me take while he played steal the flag and jumped in the pool with the kids. 

I loaded up 2 kids, a stroller, a Bjorn, 2 blankets, 2 umbrellas, 3 jackets, a camera bag and a diaper bag and skipped nap time to walk 2 blocks in the rain to be at the school parade and picnic.  Can't say I was too happy when my kids weren't even in the parade and the picnic got cancelled, but atleast I had some good company.  Some pretty cute company too.

Another self-portrait from this little diva

And last but not least, this kid has figured out how to take these wheels for a spin and it makes me smile to see this little shadow following me around the house.  These kids make my life full.  Sometimes full of crazy, but mostly full of love, laughs and smiles.

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Janessa said...

Love all the updates! So many things to comment on! It looks like the surprise party was a success. Quite the shin dig. She's so lucky to have such sweet friends! I hear ya on the long Sundays. The Apple Bay Cafe looks like a lot of fun. Such cuties! Glad for the miraculous recovery with Maddox's leg. Such a funny boy! Love the picture of him with his super cape! Did you make it? I want to make one for Connor. Glad the cookie decorating ended on a good note. That was a good idea! Bummer that the whole parade and picnic thing didn't go as planned. By golly, you were there though! You totally get mommy points for that. You did have some adorable company to hang with:) Love Kylie's self pic and that little Ryder is too cute! I can't believe he's crusin around the house now. How is that possible? He's supposed to be a newborn still!