Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girls Night

I always talk about how sad I am that my kids are growing up, but I decided that it doesn't always have to be a sad thing. I had such a fun girls night with Kylie and it was refreshing to be able to take our time shopping without worrying about a cranky baby who refuses to stay in the shopping cart and would much rather pull everything off the racks. Sure my little miniature man is fun in his own way but it's also fun having a girl old enough to do big girl stuff with. We were at Target the night before and Kylie spotted this green shirt on the clearance rack and lo and behold there was a matching one that fit me. My first thought was how cheezy it would be to wear matching shirts, then I was emberassed that I even cared what other people would think because Kylie was so excited to be twins. I wore my shirt with pride on our big night out and smiled whenever people stopped and commented on how "cute" it was that we were matching. Kylie had a couple of gift cards burning a hole in her pocket so we headed to the "$20 for a t-shirt" Justice, which was such a novelty since I rarely take her there, then over to Ross which is more my cup-a-tea and then out to Cold Stone. The tables were all full so we sat out on the curb at 10:00 at night, eating Kylie's favorite blue cotton candy ice-cream with gummy bears and talking about the latest 2nd grade gossip. We didn't do anything extravagent on our night out, but we had so much fun giggling about the old lady clothes, putting on fashion shows and having dance parties in the dressing rooms. Thanks for a fun girls night, Ky!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Father's and Sons

It's that time again, fathers and sons camp out. Jason summed up the weekend with two words: fun and far. He's a "get to the point" kinda guy and doesn't mess around with the froo-froo, so I guess I'll have to fill in the details. After about 3 hours of driving everyone pulled into the campground that was only about 1 1/2 hours away, everyone got lost and some got flat tires. It was a rough beginning but turned into a really fun weekend. They had a fun zipline and games to play but Jayden preferred just roasting marshmallows around their little fireplace with just dad. A simple man with simple taste. They bucked up this year and roughed it by sleeping in an actual tent instead of the cozy confines of the car and Jayden loved it. They went for a hike in the morning before taking off and it was so good for Jayden to have some one on one time where he was the center of attention. I worry that he falls through the cracks with the typical middle child syndrome, so this was such a great trip for the two of them. Kylie and I (and Madds) had some fun girl time. We went to dinner with some friends and then came back for some chic flicks, ice-cream and a sleepover. It was a fun weekend for all! (yes, my extensions are back in for the night, they make a guest appearance every once in a while)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

18 months

A month late, but close enough. This boy never made rotten look so cute. His latest loves include his hat (he can't leave the house without it and pats his head when he wants it on), his snuggles blanket (he calls it his "nnngggg shoooo"-the snoring sound), Little Einsteins (calls it "pa" for pat pat), any animal (the only way he'll talk to Jason or I on the phone is if we ask him to make animal sounds), books (he backs his little hiney onto my lap with a huge grin on his face and an occasional "yesssss" with a fist pump), trains (choo-choos) and of course "guy-guy" (Ky-Ky) and Jayden. I love his little voice and personality. I never get sick of the way he gets so excited to see me after I've been away and runs to me yelling "ma-ma" with his arms wide open. Oh this little man is pure, unfiltered cuteness. (18 month stats: 22.25 inches- 75%, 27lb 8 oz -75-90%, head 19"-75%)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Say "ahhhh"

Kylie has decided that 3 days a week Jayden needs a dentist appointment and she has volunteered for the job. How many sisters would be excited to floss her brother's teeth and how many brothers would be a willing participant? I just love their adorable relationship.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

I love this picture. Look at the smile on those little monkey faces. How lucky am I to see those smiles every day? Mother's day was fabulous as always and is pretty much my favorite day of the year. Jason spoiled me by letting me do nothing but sleep and eat all day long and the kids spoiled me with lots of hugs, kisses and homemade cards. On my breakfast tray next to a vase of roses was this poem that Kylie had written:

Someone so dielitful
and spesial and so sweet
And so so so so cheerful
asome and neat
My mom is deliteful
Spesial and so sweet
and so so so so cheerful
asome and neat!

Melt my heart.

Jayden came home from school with the cutest book he had made. I wish I wasn't too lazy to scan all the pictures in, because it's so cute to see the pictures he drew, but this is what it says...

"Before you were my mother who helps me clean up,
you were a little girl who loved her bunny.

Before you were my mother Maddox kisses,who washes my clothes,
you were a little girl who loved to run.

Before you were my mother who plays with me,
you were a little girl who loved snowboarding.

Before you were my mother who cooks yummy food,
you were a little girl who ride a surf board."

I can barely even rememer what my life was like before my little monkeys and am so grateful that I am lucky enough to be their mom!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kylie's baptism

I know it's cliche, but I'm saying it anyways...I can't believe my baby is 8!! I've had 8 long years to think about this day and I must say that it couldn't have been any more PERFECT (except that we weren't able to have any family here for the special event, sniff). You know the saying about the "three white dresses", well as we were shopping for her baptism dress I got a little misty eyed realizing that we had 2 of the dresses down and only one more to go and the day that she wears her last white dress will be here before we know it. It is amazing to see her grow up into the beautiful, thoughtful, sensitive girl that she is becoming and today was one of the proudest moments in her momma's life (and daddy's too :). She shares the same birthday with her friend and neighbor, Daxton and so we decided to let them share their baptism day also. Mandy and I had a lot of fun going a little overboard planning it together (I felt like we were planning a wedding reception....which may not be a bad idea in the future :). We had so many wonderful friends that came to show their support and it meant alot to us to have them there. There were some great talks and Jayden and Grady (Daxton's brother that is Jayden's age) sang the most adorable duet to "When I am Baptized). When Kylie came out of the water she had the biggest grin on her face and it stayed on for the rest of the day. Congratulations, Kylie, we love you!!

(little Miss talented Mandy made these adorable cupcakes and I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of all 80 of them on the cute cupcake stand)We had 8 tables so for the centerpieces we had B&W pictures for each year of their lives, it was fun looking back.....

Monday, May 03, 2010

More birthday wishes

It seems like the whole month of May is one big tribute to Kylie (spoiled). First it was her party weekend, then it was her birthday weekend, and next is her baptism weekend and every day in between is filled with planning, shopping and preparing. But she deserves it (most of the time). Along with the age comes a roller coaster of emotions, the idea that it's cooler to spend hours in the loft by herself watching "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place", the intense need to blast Radio Disney jams and dance in her room, her preference of clothes instead of toys for her birthday and being completely convinced that she can't live without deoderant and a bra (bless her heart, if she has my genes she may never need a bra). Fortunately, she is also at the age where not only is she a huge help and Maddox's second (and much nicer) mother, she is also like my best friend. She loves shopping with me, staying up and having girl talks and she even tells jokes that are actually funny. I really wanted to take Kylie to a hotel before her birthday and have a heart to heart talk about how she will no longer be allowed to wear sleeveless, she should start fasting, she should be reading her scriptures every day and pretty much just convince her that Eight is Great! She would have loved it. Every weekend was booked up so instead I surprised her and checked her out of school and we spent the afternoon going to lunch, doing some birthday shopping and getting milkshakes, it was so much fun. We may butt heads at times, but I really love that girl! We spent her actual birthday doing alot of eating since there's not much else you can do on a Sunday. Strawberry crepes for breakfast, egg drop soup for lunch (her request) and steak for dinner (she makes her father proud). We sure love you, Kylie, happy birthday!!

Birthday interview:

What is your favorite food? Steak

What is your favorite movie? Star Wars

What is your favorite outfit? pink, black and white plaid shirt with black leggings

What is your favorite song? "Party in the USA" (Miley Cyrus)

What was the funnest thing you did last year? Visit my cousins

What are you most excited about being 8? Getting baptized

Who are your best friends Noelle, Mia, Marley and Kyla

What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher, rockstar or artist

What are your talents? Heelys, dancing, a couple magic tricks, drawing and being in plays

We are so proud of everything you have accomplished in the past year and can't wait to see what amazing things await you in the coming year. You continue to be such an example with your thoughtfulness, you are such a caring and loving girl. Thanks for being just the way you are! We love you!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Women's Conference

I regretted not going to Women's Conference last year when a group of our friends went up, and I didn't want to miss out again this year. I'm so glad I went, besides the snow, the classes were good (the ones that I stayed awake in), the dorms were scary and the 12 girls we went with were so much fun. I came back determined to be the best mom ever (which lasted 2 days). My favorite class talked about how important it was to be there. No matter what you're doing, just focus on that one thing and not let your mind wander about everything else that needs to be done. Here are a few of the highlights (and lowlights) of the trip....taking the same flight as Nie Nie (we felt like we were in the presence of a celebrity), Chelsea stripping on the plane, cruising around like polygamists in the sweet 15 passenger van, an unnamed roommate (not Chels) who screams in her sleep and we thought she was being attacked, not being able to sleep because it was freezing and we worried about the night screamer and Chelsea was worried I would sleepwalk, wondering how I ever survived a whole year in the cinder block wall dorms, reminiscing about our years at BYU, meeting up with Wes (my high school BFF) and Julie (my good friend and the mom of Kylie's BFF), running into my friend Kandice (and still laughing about the bicycle pump!), going for the "modern look" and hosting our "party", midnight trip to the Creamery, the drama at Los Hermanos, watching the "Last Song" and realizing how old we were when we thought the dad was just as cute as the teenager, Shelly as our "momma bird", Chelsea and her "Slyvania woman with lentil soup" look, poor Julie getting sick, chocolate covered cinnamon bears....yes, chocolate cinnamon bears is a good one to end on.