Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Father's and Sons

It's that time again, fathers and sons camp out. Jason summed up the weekend with two words: fun and far. He's a "get to the point" kinda guy and doesn't mess around with the froo-froo, so I guess I'll have to fill in the details. After about 3 hours of driving everyone pulled into the campground that was only about 1 1/2 hours away, everyone got lost and some got flat tires. It was a rough beginning but turned into a really fun weekend. They had a fun zipline and games to play but Jayden preferred just roasting marshmallows around their little fireplace with just dad. A simple man with simple taste. They bucked up this year and roughed it by sleeping in an actual tent instead of the cozy confines of the car and Jayden loved it. They went for a hike in the morning before taking off and it was so good for Jayden to have some one on one time where he was the center of attention. I worry that he falls through the cracks with the typical middle child syndrome, so this was such a great trip for the two of them. Kylie and I (and Madds) had some fun girl time. We went to dinner with some friends and then came back for some chic flicks, ice-cream and a sleepover. It was a fun weekend for all! (yes, my extensions are back in for the night, they make a guest appearance every once in a while)


Janessa said...

What a fun gender divided weekend! I'm glad the boys finally made it to the campground and had a good time together doing some male bonding. I love that Jayden was totally content just to hang out with his dad and roast marshmallows. Jason got some good photo documentation of the event. Nice job! It sounds like you girls had a great time too. I love the guest appearance of the extensions. How fun to have a short and long hair option. I meant to tell when I was talking to you on the phone that the other day Abby told me she wants to get extensions. I was trying to explain to her that eight year olds don't have extensions because they are too expensive. She thinks your super rich now and has one more reason to be like her favorite aunt Jamie.

Chelsea said...

woohoo, you busted out the long hair! It looks so good!! Excellent job, Jason on the campout photos. Did they do a tent this time?

Jodee said...

I remember the post from last year, way to brave the actual tent this year Jay! I love the pics, Jayden is getting so big, Gigi is all grown up now isn't he?