Tuesday, May 11, 2010

18 months

A month late, but close enough. This boy never made rotten look so cute. His latest loves include his hat (he can't leave the house without it and pats his head when he wants it on), his snuggles blanket (he calls it his "nnngggg shoooo"-the snoring sound), Little Einsteins (calls it "pa" for pat pat), any animal (the only way he'll talk to Jason or I on the phone is if we ask him to make animal sounds), books (he backs his little hiney onto my lap with a huge grin on his face and an occasional "yesssss" with a fist pump), trains (choo-choos) and of course "guy-guy" (Ky-Ky) and Jayden. I love his little voice and personality. I never get sick of the way he gets so excited to see me after I've been away and runs to me yelling "ma-ma" with his arms wide open. Oh this little man is pure, unfiltered cuteness. (18 month stats: 22.25 inches- 75%, 27lb 8 oz -75-90%, head 19"-75%)


Janessa said...

You have been a busy lady. I'm excited to see all the blog updates! This little Maddox just melts my heart. I am just dying to see him in person again and rekindle that eternal bond we formed in the few days that we spent together. I know that deep in his heart he will remember me (even if it takes him a while to remember that he remebers me and can't live without me:) I love his little hats and can totally picture the little fist pump. I agree 100% - "this little man is pure, unfiltered cuteness"!

Jodee said...

He is pretty cute. I love his little words for different things- so cute!