Monday, April 12, 2010

The Chili Song

Last Sunday I spent the morning canning salsa and chili. All was fine and dandy until we had a little accident. Long story short, I poured hot tap water into the pressure cooker and when it hit the scalding hot jars we had a little explosion. It was pretty scary, but thankfully I walked away with only a few small blisters on my face and chili splattered on every surface of my kitchen. The kids were in the other room and were pretty freaked out because it sounded like a bomb went off. So they did what all good kids would do, ran upstairs and wrote me a song. Bless their adorable little hearts.

{yes, they wrote that, so be sure to sing in a soft voice}
Sorry that you
are hert

I hope you fill better because of the salsa
{salsa, chili, same thing}
I hope you fill better,
so we will help you fill better.
We don't care about the house
because we love you, even Jeasus!
So we love,
Love you because you are hurt, hurt.
We will go to sleep so we have enogh rest.
So we will be kind for our hole intire life.
So we love youuuuuuuuuuu!
To: Mommy
Love, Jayden, Kylie


Chelsea said...

WHAT!? How did you miss telling me this? I never saw any blisters! How scary!! Ok, just one more reason I will never be a canner, I am totally scared of those pressure thingies...Glad you're alive, (did they at least check on you?!) and the song is hilarious!

Janessa said...

First of all, how scary. I'm glad you survived. I hope they all like the wonderful chili dinner you served last night at the expense of your LIFE! Second, that song is the cute, cutest thing EVER!!! "We will go to sleep so we have enogh rest. So we will be kind for our hole intire life." You'll have to hold them to this one. So funny, sweet and heartfelt. I love the "Jeasus" line too. I'm still trying to figure out the tie in but any song with Jesus in it is just that much more special, right? You sure do have some sweet little angels!

Jodee said...

Yikes! be careful missy!
geesh, the things we moms go through for a good home cooked meal. glad they wrote you a little ditty to "fill" better. Loves!

Suni said...

I am glad you are okay...scary!! Cute song and cute kiddos!!!

Renae said...

That seriously is so scary! My dad had a bad accident as a teenager similar to that and ended up with over 40 stitches across his face near his eyes. He was lucky then that he didn't lose his eyesight. You are a blessed, blessed woman!