Thursday, December 10, 2009

Once again Jayden's school pulled through when it came to the holidays. I've always dreamed of being that mom stuck behind the video camera at the kids' Christmas programs (seriously). It's like a right of passage, and finally I was able to fulfill that dream (although in my dream we were on soft chairs in a heated auditorium instead of on a freezing cement floor in a tent). It was so cute to see Jayden and the other kinders sing their little hearts out and also cool to see them do the nativity, something you never see in a public school. He looked bored throughout most of it, but I loved when I caught his eye and he would get this huge grin and wave. Awww, that's my little man!

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Janessa said...

That is an impressive Christmas program! (Even if it was in a tent - ha!) I'm so glad you finally got to enjoy one as a mother. Did you just video record your little heart out? I love that first picture of Jayden just beaming and then the second one of him looking bored out of his mind. What a stud! I'm impressed that they did the whole nativity thing. I hope they keep it up.