Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heiroglyphics Trail
All of our Arizona hikes so far have consisted of cactus, sage brush and more cactus so we were excited to spice it up with a heiroglyphic trail. Thanks to the Larson's, we've now found our new favorite hiking trail. The hike was easy enough for kids and it was like we hit the jackpot at the end of the rainbow to see all the cool heiroglyphics, play in the caves and slide down the rocks when we got to the top. Kylie just finished a Native American unit, so she especially thought it was cool. Afterwards we went to Alisa's parent's amazing house and had THE best pizza we've ever eaten. They have this authentic pizza oven imported from Italy and I never knew what a difference it could make. When we become millionaires the first thing I'm getting is a house cleaner and the second thing is a pizza oven. And I will eat pizza three meals a day. Enough of the pizza talk, I'm getting hungry...the kids watched a movie in their theater before calling it a day. Thanks so much Larsons, don't be surprised if we invite ourselves over again sometime soon!
Alisa's cute preggo tummy

Joe doesn't look at all uncomfortable
rough start
happy middle
perfect ending


Janessa said...

What a cool place! Sounds like a super fun day. That looks like quite the oven.

Jodee said...

OOOOOO I want one of those! I am totally into pizza making these days. I got a new pizza cook book for Christmas and we have been trying them all out. I will have to post some good ones to the recipe blog soon!

Devin and April said...

I love hiking.. Miss all that.. Here in GA there is stone mountain, wihch you can hike but you have to pay to park there, and the north GA mountains great for camping,hiking but they are a ways so hopefully come summer we can plan for a lot of trips.. I'm sure there are other places.. Just need to find them! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! quite the adventuring fam!