Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas hayride

Such a fun night. We had our cabin buddies, the Herrerah's and Martinez's (and Jason's sister, Jessica who was staying with us for Christmas) over for dinner and a hayless hayride to look at Christmas lights. The pressure was on to cook up some mean Chinese food, but I cracked under the pressure of eggrolls for 20 (especially since I've never cooked an eggroll in my life) and went for tortilla soup instead. Then came the main event, cramming those same 20 people onto the trailer and driving through the neighborhood to look at the lights. Kylie had brought some sheet music from the neighborhood carolling a couple nights earlier (not our idea, and Jason was less than excited to go caroling, but it ended up being alot of fun and the kids loved it) and we all had fun singing in the freezing cold night. Going back for donuts and hot chocolate was the perfect ending to a fun night.

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Janessa said...

What a fun tradition! You're brave to cook dinner for 20 people. I would have bailed on the homemade egg rolls too. I'll bet the soup was great. I love that Kylie brought music and turned it into a caroling outing. I'm sure Jason loved it in the end. I wish we were your neighbors!