Friday, August 08, 2008

For the Girlies

I came across this cool blog with lots of hair ideas for little girls (it also has lots of links for more hair ideas). Kylie's loved picking out a different hairstyle every day and it's nice to do something other than just ponytails. Just thought I would pass it along....(


WishTrish said...

Here is another one that I love:

Unfortunately, even though Mayzie's hair goes to her bum, she doesn't let me do much with it. I'm not sure I have tha patience for some of the pretty things on these blogs, though, to be honest!!

Shanen said...

Yea, I will have to take more time to look through these. Kylee loves pony tails, but now that Kobi's hair is getting longer, she loves her hair to be "fun" Thanks

Ricky and Janessa Cazier said...

How fun. We'll have to find some fun new do's for school. Thanks for passing it along!