Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mother's Day

Motherhood is a real life version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I finally have a free minute to go outside and watch Ryder jump on the trampoline. He asks for a drink of water. I go in to get him a drink, there's no clean cups in the cupboard so I unload the dishwasher. And then load it. And then realize I'm out of dish detergent. I go add it to my shopping list but can't find a pen that works. I go through the "junk" drawer testing, throwing out and capping pens. I come across the missing receipt for a shirt I needed to return. I go upstairs to get the shirt and find a towel left on the floor in the hallway. I go in the bathroom to hang up the towel, replace the empty toilet paper roll, put the lid back on the toothpaste and wash out dried toothpaste from the sink. Turning the water on will remind me that I came in to get Ryder a drink. And now my 10 minutes of free time is over and it's time to get dinner ready. And that's the story of my life. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like this year has been a year of evolution in motherhood. Those days of tears over their brother pouring milk on their jelly sandwich because they changed the tv channel have been replaced with tears over feelings of rejection, heart aches and disappointments. The late night feedings and escorting sleepy toddlers to the potty have been replaced with sleepless nights worrying about an issue their dealing with or decisions that weigh on my mind. The physical exhaustion has been replaced with an emotional exhaustion. The worries for their well being are just as strong as ever but have shifted to include a whole new flood of worries and anxieties. But there is so much I love about this stage of life and there are still moments that remind me that they're still young and innocent. Like the other day when Pandora was playing on the tv and an album cover came on with a scantily clad girl. All three boys immediately covered their eyes and freaked out, Ryder came running to tell me, "we can almost see where her babies drink milk from!" I have never loved those boys more. So we're taking each phase of life in stride, embracing the good and learning from the challenging. But always and forever grateful for the ride. And for the quote that constantly crosses my mind, "don't let the worries of tomorrow drown out your joys of today". Because heaven knows there is so much to be joyful about. Including days like today.

Jason takes his Mother's Day job very seriously. When he asked what I wanted for breakfast I told him an Acai bowl because it is simple and fail proof.  Stick a frozen packet in the blender with a little almond milk then slice on some fruit and top with granola. Bless his heart, he came upstairs at least 5 times asking me different questions. Do I unthaw it first? How much milk? How long do I blend it? Should I add ice? What fruit should I put on it? And finally a request to come down and check the consistency in person. I seriously love that man. It was a perfectly lazy morning with games of Guess Who and snuggling on the couch looking at photo books. After church Jason made a delicious roast dinner, we enjoyed sitting around the table talking together, until Jason found a dead beetle in his Caesar salad then we all lost our appetites. Except Jason who chalked it up to extra protein and continued to like his plate clean.We ended with back rubs from all the kids and Jason showing the "It was Mom" Mormon ad clip. Which of course led to their own versions of "it was mom". Somebody farted in Walmart- it was mom. Someone had a panic attack and wanted to take her clothes off- it was mom. Thanks for the laughs, and thanks for another wonderful Mother's day.

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Ali said...

Well, when you're not behind the camera but in front, there's someone else in your family who's very capable of a fine pic! Not sure it was intentional, but the way the writing part of your post came out on my screen is all in one paragraph; perhaps it was intentional, as it added to the breathlessness of your description of motherhood never giving you a moment's pause! Well done, Mom!