Tuesday, January 03, 2017

 Happy New Year!

New Years Eve wasn't too exciting this year. Kylie and Jayden were off with friends leaving us and the little guys to a rowdy game of Aggravation before sending them off to bed at 9:00. We watched the footage in Time Square off and on, ate some pizza, popped some Martinelli's then caught the tail end of our neighbor's firework show. It was a bit anti-climatic compared to celebrations in the past, the torch of New Year's Eve parties has been officially passed down to Kylie and Jayden and we have taken on the role of the boring adults who can't make it past 11:00. I feel old. Besides a quiet evening, the rest of our Christmas break was filled with some memorable quality family time. One of my favorites was the Wave Cave hike. The weather was on point, like one degree warmer would be too hot and one degree cooler would be too cold, but where it was at was perfect. The hike was a little longer, steeper and more precarious with all the loose rocks than I had anticipated, but the kids handled it like the champs they are. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, so iconic Arizona with all the towering Saguaro cactus. The cave was a cool retreat (literally and figuratively) and we had fun messing around with pictures while munching on carrots and apples (2017 Young family fit goals!). We hit the golden hour on the hike back and I pointed out to Maddox how the angle of the sun made the landscape glow. Pictures don't really do it justice. I'm happiest when I'm outdoor in the sunshine with my family, so today I was extra happy.

Kylie and Jayden beat us down and were cracking up over the carnival fun mirror on the side panel of the car. I love when those two laugh together and get along, it seems like it's a rare occasion these days so it makes me so happy when they do.

Jason and Ryder were the last ones down so of course we had to pass the time with a little photo shoot.

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