Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soccer mom

Life is busy. Some days I feel like I'm getting pulled in ten different directions. But for some odd reason, that I can't explain, I sorta like it. Sometimes. I love when the kids are involved in something productive, developing talents other than harvesting Redstone on Minecraft. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when my calendar looks like this (not listed, the 3 separate trips to the store, the YW lesson planned, the dinner date with Kylie and the Chickfila boys night out):  

But seeing these cute faces running their little hearts out on the soccer field makes it all worth it. Especially when they hike their shorts up past their belly buttons and score a goal at their first game. Level of mom pride up to my eyeballs. He is so cute I could eat him. 

Maddox took these next pictures at his second game, I was impressed with his photo skills and he was over the moon excited to be the official game photographer. Ryder scored 2 1/2 goals (it was a joint effort on one of them). He is hilarious to watch play, he tends to forget that this is a team sport and instead tries to steal the ball from anybody and everybody.

And it seems like just yesterday it was Jayden out there running his little legs back and forth, and now his long legs stride effortlessly across the field, scoring the first goal of the game. It's always fun watching him play. Yes, these moments are most definitely worth all the crazy.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The evolution of canning

I have been canning food for years. I have been canning food with a baby strapped to my chest for years. I have been canning food with a baby strapped to my chest, toddlers and toys under foot and the house in utter chaos for years. I have really been looking forward to finally being able to can some fruit in a quiet house, getting lost in my own thoughts and enjoying the therapeutic monotony. The only problem is that the peaches were beyond ripe on Saturday and couldn't wait a few more days. So there I was once again pulling out the glass jars and preparing for a long day of canning with kids. But this time was different. This time instead of getting in the way, these boys were the biggest help. And I don't mean biggest help as in, "biggest help". They really helped speed it up and I loved hanging out with them in the kitchen. Maddox was on blanching and peeling duty, Ryder was on slicing duty (after some serious safety talks) and I was just there to manage it all.  They seriously thought it was the best way ever to spend a day.  And so did I. Maddox wore nothing but a sulu and apron, while Ryder exclaimed, "everybody wishes they had a kid like us". This is the level of awesome I'm dealing with here. These boys are just too much.

Labor Day

BYU had their season opening game at the Cardinals stadium, so naturally we had to make a party out of it. Some of my family decided to come down, which means food prep for a small army because food is my love language and I love to feed them good. We were sad when my sister-in-law got a kidney stone and they weren't able to come down and then work got in the way for my other brother and his wife, they were greatly missed. But we had a great time with those who were able to come. And we had lots of extra food.

We spent a day at the lake, no surprise. With so many people we set up camp on the beach then took turns on the boat. As much as I love cruising around on the boat, I loved even more just sitting in the shade having small talk and deep meaningful conversations with family.

The big game came and it was a good one with the best nail-biting-final-four-second-winning-field-goal. As Sam and I were heading to bed we decided to check the score and we spent the next ten minutes each laying in our own beds refreshing the score, checking twitter updates and texting back and forth. We were holding our breaths, hoping to have some happy boys coming home. The big win was the perfect cherry on top to such a great weekend.

While the boys were at the game us girls had our own fun. We put Jungle Book on the projector and loaded the kids up with candy while we took a golf cart ride to ogle at the multi-million dollar mansions, sneak into construction homes and almost pee our pants when we thought we were caught, and find $20 on the ground to buy drinks at Chevron. We rounded the night out with a game (or 2, or 3, or 4...) of Play 9, it was an epic night. Of course it always is when our family gets together.

Sunday morning we had a big brunch before church and a big BBQ that night. I think the brownie parfait was a hit with Claire. Nice photobomb, Kylie.

We had another big brunch on Monday morning, there is never a shortage of food at our house, before saying our goodbyes. Maddox was especially going to miss his buddy, Zuno.

And Ryder was especially going to miss his buddy, Trevor. It's always a great time when family is in town!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lake days

I could easily fill an entire blog book with just pictures of the lake, but so many of our family memories during this chapter of our life are made here. I try not to take pictures every time we go, but some trips I just can't help myself. I loved this trip because it's the first time in forever that we were able to go with just our family. Highlighted by grilling burgers under the canopy of trees while a rain shower passed over, and a spotify dance party on the boat well after the sun had gone down. I love this picture of them cheering Maddox on...