Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Welcome to Fabulous-ish Las Vegas

We come to Vegas all the time but rarely venture onto the strip. Jake and Shay gave us an excuse to be tourists, it was fun in some ways and in other ways it made us remember why we usually avoid the strip. But it was fun to share an experience with them that they would never find in NZ. Jason took them and the older kids to Circus Circus that first night, while the rest of us were fast asleep at Grandpa Young's house. Vegas in the middle of the night is always interesting, but the Circus Circus crowd in the middle of the night takes it to a whole other level. They did win some stuffed animals, though. 

The next day we were sure to hit up all the main attractions on the strip, Caesar's Palace...

After watching the movie "Big", the kids were excited to find a real life Zoltar

The Bellagio...we tried like 3 different times to catch the show and finally saw it. Jason swears he has never seen the show before, but I have a picture of us kissing in front of it to prove him wrong. I did feel bad that he wasn't able to see it this time since he was such a gentleman and dropped us off since there was no parking.

The highlight of the trip for Maddox was dim sum with Grandpa where he ate an octopus. He was so proud of himself (and rightfully so) and couldn't wait to tell his teacher. Whenever something exciting happens Ms Brown is the first person he wants to tell, it's cute.

The older ones rode the New York New York roller coaster. I can't believe the last time we were there was when we were dating!

We ended the night at the pinball hall of fame where their cups of quarters kept them entertained for quite some time.

Sunday breakfast and church with our favorite Las Vegas Youngs before heading home

And a quick stop at the Hoover Dam. We watched the progress of this bridge being built but have never stopped to take the bridge walk and I'm glad we finally had an excuse to do it, it was pretty impressive.

It was a long drive home, filled with some beautiful scenery and lots of farting. It was a great trip but just as great to be home!

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