Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The in-betweens

We managed to fill our days with all sorts of fun while we were in Utah. I loved all the family that came for the wedding and stayed a few days longer to play. Jayden's stomach flu incident seemed to be some sort of 8 hr deal, after sleeping all morning he woke up around noon and announced he was better. And he was. So while the other half was having fun on the slopes we spent the afternoon with cousins at Trafalga. Miniature golf, lazer tag, climbing wall and COUSINS! 

We snuck in a family movie day to see Zootopia, it was so cute and so nice having Ryder old enough that we can all go to the movies together without ending up walking the halls with a restless toddler. Then while the older kids were in Brighton the rest of us met up with my sweet friend, Chelsea. I was so sad when she moved to Utah shortly after we moved back to AZ, it was so good to see her and catch up. We spent the day with the little guys at Kangaroo zoo, Chick-fil-a and chilling at her cute house. It was such a great day.

We were privileged to be in town for Trenton's court of honor. It inspired Jayden to want to become an Eagle Scout. That and the monetary motivation Jason gave him.

When the boys came into town there were quite a few of our NZ missionaries living in Utah that wanted to see them. One of them was a manager at Domino's pizza and invited everyone to go make their own pizzas, kind of fun!

They came back and hung out with the rest of us at Aunt Angel's house where we were staying. It's always a party at Angel's, and Uncle Kevin is always a guaranteed laugh!

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