Tuesday, October 21, 2014


He's a simple man with simple requests. He never wants any presents so instead I just feed him good (and clean his car out, because sometimes that's better than a new pair of socks).

Enter case in point #1:

Case #2:

Case #3:

Yeah, we  pretty much just ate all day on his birthday. I used to spend so much time pinning these dating ideas on pinterest until I realized that when he says the thought of a backyard prom makes him want to poke his eyeballs out, that is not code for dust off the Depeche Mode CD. That sure takes the pressure off planning that scavenger hunt around the city. Kissing in front of the grocery clerk to get the next clue is probably dead last on Jason's idea of a fun night. So instead, I cook and he eats. And everyone's happy. The night before his birthday we went out to dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant. Jason had a bit of nostalgia from his days of roaming the streets of Taipei as a missionary. It was so cute seeing him get so excited about all of the food. The way his face lit up when I told him I liked the spring onion pancake was just priceless. This may be the first but definitely not the last time that this cute little joint sees the likes of us.

His birthday was on a Sunday and he was sad that the BYU game was on during church. But the heavens opened and granted him a birthday miracle when a little boy pulled the fire alarm during the first talk in sacrament meeting and since they couldn't figure out how to turn it off then they just cancelled the rest of church. Which brought us home right in time for the kick off. I wonder if I should be worried about just how excited everyone was that we didn't have to go to church. When he wasn't watching the game (or eating), he spent time with the kids. Because that's what he does best. He's the kind of guy that when he calls and I tell him I'm having a rough day he tells me to get the kids shoes on, he's leaving work early to take them out for ice cream and to look at nerf guns. It was sort of like the most romantic thing he's ever done. I'm grateful for this man and for the chance that I've had to spend 15 of his 39 years of life right by his side. It's a pretty good place to be. Happy birthday, Love.


Chelsea said...

I love that he's so simple, what a guy! You are the cutest wife, always making his day so special. Excuse me while I catch up here...so excited your recipe blog is back!

Jodee said...

Happy Birthday Jason!
Love that last picture.

Janessa said...

What a great day! I love that guy of yours and am so glad ya'll found each other! I love watching him love you and your sweet kids so good! Glad you found some good chinese food and that you even liked the spring onion pancakes. I love the fire alarm story at church. Haha! Too bad BYU didn't actually win for him. Oh, well! Happy Birthday Jay!