Thursday, May 08, 2014


Her birth is somewhat of a haze. A very drug induced, dry heaving on the O.R. table kind of haze. I'll spare all the details, because if you're like me, blogs are best served up while eating breakfast and we can't have anyone losing their appetite for their green smoothie now can we (wink). Having a C-section was definitely not in my birthing plan, but holding her for the first time, her tiny body molding to mine like a missing puzzle piece, I knew without a doubt that I was born to be her mother. And twelve years later I believe that more than ever. Somehow that 6 lb baby girl has grown into this incredible young woman who can nail any impersonation, always smells like a Bath and Body works store and has mastered the fine art of the duck face selfie. But most importantly she has such a kind heart, looks out for the underdog, realizes that the love of family is a treasure, has a testimony that burns bright, is confident, self assured and never hesitates to stand up for what she believes in. So grateful that not only is she my daughter, but my best friend as well. She requested crepes and combat boots for her birthday. And I can't believe I'm old enough to have already recycled through two complete fashion eras. This generation has dabbled in the 80's for the past few years, but now the combat boots and plaid shirts are pretty much my regurgitated senior year wardrobe. 1998 called, they want their grunge back. But this girl can pull off any look and we do wear the same shoe size in case I ever want to borrow them. First I'll just have to dig up a pair of overalls with one strap undone and tie a plaid shirt around my waist. While we're on the subject, am I the only one who has noticed that this generation of girls somehow seem to be exempt from that awkward tween stage? I mean, when I was her age my hair can best be described as a red triangular poodle. And make-up was doing absolute no favors for me. Apparently the goal was not to have every color of the rainbow represented on your face after all. But all the young girls these days are so beautiful and so mature. It must be all the moms determined to not let their daughters slide down that same slippery slope of bad perms and blue eye shadow. She also requested a birthday photo shoot, which I am not one to turn down a photo op. We were going on day 16 of fall break and had entered survival mode, so while the boys slid down the stairs on plastic container lids, we had a little too much fun working the camera. It involved blow dryers and cats and smelling armpits and the gardener and lots of laughing. This girl is a guarantee for laughs. Later that night she invited over a few friends to make homemade pizzas, play night games at the park and eat shark inspired cupcakes (sharks are her latest craze). It was fun to have a day to celebrate this girl that brings so much joy into our lives.  Happy birthday, baby girl. Because no matter how old you are, you'll always be my baby girl.

She also got this for her birthday, not sure if they're just a NZ thing, but the hours of entertainment have given me a strong conviction that they need to be introduced to the states.


Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl. And I remember visiting you in the hospital when we was born!!!

Kelly said...


Janessa said...

What a beautiful girl indeed! I can't believe she's 12 already! It's such a bittersweet thing to watch our baby's grow up. Kylie is so lucky to have you as a mom/friend. I so admire your relationship. I'm so excited to see her in a couple months and give her big birthday squeeze myself. She makes me a proud aunt!

Ali said...

Just lovely... I love the juxtopisition of her looking so classy and grown up, and the party theme: sharks.

And the "totem tennis" - is that what they still call it? - we had a set like that at our beach house south of Melbourne. It was very very good fun.

Ronnie said...

looks like a beefed up version of tether ball, I could get behind that.
Happy Birthday sweet Kylie. You are amazing and beautiful and we wish you the best year ever!

Chelsea said...

my blowdryer question is answered :)

Um, you are so right about the lack of awkward teenage years, I'm calling my mom. She was not looking out for me.