Monday, May 12, 2014

Life, according to Kylie

I always do a birthday interview (sometimes 6 months late, but eventually it gets done before the blurb book hits the press), but sometimes I have a hard time thinking outside the "what's your favorite color" box. So this time I straight up plagiaraized from my sister (thanks Janessa!) because she always comes up with the best questions. Besides, what good are sisters for if not to steal their clothes, eat their poptarts and copy their interview questions. And you know I couldn't possibly pick just one favorite from our photo shoot, so like I always say, if you can't choose one then choose them all. Actually, I've never said that but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. So here we are with the latest edition of deep thoughts brought to you by Kylie, with the accompanying 100 pictures:

What's the best thing about being 12?
Going to Young Womens

What are your favorite movies?
Hunger Games, Despicable Me, Frozen, Elf, Spiderman

If you had a day to yourself with not financial constraints, what would you do?
Wake up at a beach condo in California with the Herreras, our maids would cook us a crepe breakfast. Then we would go to Disneyland and Sea World. Then we would go on a shopping spree then get a private boat and go swimming with turtles, dolphins and sharks then go whale watching. Then we would have a bonfire at the beach and watch the sunset. And if there's time go to New York.

What are your favorite foods?
steak, bacon, beef jerky, smoothies, milkshakes and cotton candy

Who or what are your loves?
Family, dance, close friends and the gospel

If you could look into the future and learn 3 things, what would they be?
who I will marry, who my kids are and what I'll look like as a grown up
(PS-she had her own personal hair and make-up team on hand for emergency purposes)

What do you think about as you fall asleep at night?
Plan the next day, choreograph dances in my head, sing songs in my head and just random thoughts about my day.

What are your favorite books?
Hunger Games and Choose your Ever After

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Marine biologist or own my own dance studio and of course be a mom.

What's the most important thing for a 12 year old to know?
Trust your parents

What's been your favorite family vacation?
New York, California, New Zealand

What are some of your favorite things that we've done in New Zealand?
going deep sea fishing and seeing the dolphins, shark and the seal eating an octopus, the baby seals swimming in the waterfall, the beach house and seeing penguins

What are your talents?
Dancing and singing

What are your best qualities?
I stand up for people and I stand up for what I believe in. I'm thoughtful. I like to help my mom without being asked. I write nice letters. I have a strong testimony.


Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

Is it weird for me to be envious of a 12 year old?! Seriously, Kylie is so gorgeous, I'd raid her closet if we were the same size, and it just sounds like she has the best life ever! Love you Ky, can't wait to see you soon! Baby Claire is so excited to have you as an Aunt and "sister"

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

*cousin - not aunt. Wow, I hope I get my brain back after she gets here!

Ali said...

OK ok... I started by laughing (heartily) out loud at this classic Jamie humour: "And you know I couldn't possibly pick just one favorite from our photo shoot, so like I always say, if you can't choose one then choose them all. Actually, I've never said that but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense."... and then I just went into sort of melty awe on how natural and gorgeous your daughter is in front of the camera and what an awesome portrait photographer you are. Altogether stunning!!!!!! (That 12 year old has more "on screen presence" than most girls do ... ever.)

Ronnie said...

Um HELLO!!! that girl is growing up way too fast, stop it! Stop it now! I love the photo shoot, blow dryer and all. The ones with her amazing smile are my most favorite. You are gorgeous girlfriend!

Janessa said...

I am always telling my girls "Being beautiful is more important than looking beautiful." Kylie has totally nailed them both! I love her strength and boldness. I love her focus on what she wants and what is most important. I love the way she's not afraid to stand up for others. She is so talented and absolutely stunning. She has such an natural ease in front of the camera too. Her eyes and smile are almost hypnotizing. I can tell she has been loved and taught in a way that every girl should be. She is a very, very lucky 12 year old. And I am a very, very lucky aunt. Love you Ky! P.S. Love her hair and makeup team. P.S.S. I love that I posted something that was worth copying:)

Pays said...

Gorgeous young lady you have there! :)

Chelsea said...

WOWZA! She's so pretty and so comfortable in front of the camera. I can't make a serious face to save my life. Was there a blowdryer involved? Love the windy hair, how fun you are!