Monday, March 31, 2014


I think there's truth to the theories about GMO's and preservatives in American foods. Our immune systems have been rock solid the past 9 months that we've been here, not even so much as a sniffle could be heard in our house. Yesterday our lucky streak came to an end when I was hit with the sinus pressure/aches/sore throat/congestion/I want to curl up in the fetal position and die. I decided it was the perfect time to put Kylie's bath bomb that she made in science class to good use and took a hot bath after picking the kids up from school. Which taking a hot bath while the kids are awake is a very vulnerable thing. Ryder came and just stared at my naked body before finally assessing the situation and decided I was too big for the bath tub and needed to get out and get him a cup of milk. Maddox came up and laughed at me before coming to his own conclusion that I was most definitely in need of soup. The last time one of the kids made me a special meal I ended up stomaching a concoction of milk, peanut butter and soy sauce. So quite naturally I scramble out of the tub, try to decide what is an appropriate amount of nakedness for running down the stairs, then try to convince him that I've had a miraculous recovery. I was too late, I came down to find a bowl of "soup" warming by the fire and a boy with a grin ear to ear. I didn't dare ask, but he rattled off his secret recipe with pride. Ketchup, water and yogurt. Then as an afterthought he decided it was missing something. So he added some cereal. I offered to microwave it for him, but he chooses the poetic route in life every single time. While I was waiting for the fire to warm it up I was racking my brain to think of a graceful way to bow out of this without hurting his feelings. But when I asked if it was warm enough yet his eyes got big, he got a huge grin on his face and said, "you're just so excited to try it you can't even wait any longer!" Why yes, yes I am. There was no way around it, I had to eat the soup. How could I not. I took a few bites as he eagerly looked on in anticipation, then insisted that it was just so good that I needed to share. Thankfully after he added some brown sugar and sprinkles Ryder inhaled the rest of it. And this coming from the kid that turns his nose up at my spaghetti. Jason brought me home an orange from work for a dose of vitamin C, then while I was laying down he snuck out to the store with the boys to buy me some real soup. Forget the romantic flowers and chocolates kind of love, I want this unconditional kind of love. I want a man who will look at me with half my hair matted to my head and only one eyebrow penciled in and love me regardless. A man who despite being a germaphobe will let me lay my sick head on his chest while we watch Tommy Boy. I'm so lucky I found that kind of man. And Maddox. My sweet, sweet Maddox who was so willing and excited to take care of me was just the kind of chicken noodle soup my soul needed. I'm a lucky girl.


Ali said...

It's interesting to see how your mind can still spin a great yarn with a neat beginning, entertaining middle, and nice wrap when you're feeling so unwell. There, the definition of clever!

Get well soon and happy soup drinking!

Ali said...

Dear Friend,
I hope you're feeling better. Your comment on my blog this week touched my heart. Thank you so much.

Janessa said...

Oh Jame! Way to take one for the team! Love this post! I was laughing and crying a little too (maybe because I have that song that I mentioned in my last comment, playing in the background). You seriously are a super mom. Don't let your not so perfect days block your view of all the good that you do and are to your sweet kiddos. Glad you've got such a good hubby too. Love you and hope you're well on the mend now! I'm going to go hug my babies now:)

Jodee said...

Oh my. you are a good mom. Im not sure I could have taken those bites. I am sure my stomach would hurt too much to even think about needing some soup ;)
What sweet boys you are surrounded with.