Monday, March 17, 2014

Seeing green

If we're being honest, St Patrick's day is just an excuse to eat green pancakes and pinch cute little bums that haven't conformed to the green dress code. But this time we added to the St Patty's day festivities with a spontaneous little green photo scavenger hunt on our walk to the dairy to get lollies while waiting for Kylie to finish dance. I loved seeing the world through their eyes and the reminder that it's the simple things.  It's always the simple things.


Ronnie said...

look at you, St. Patricks day isn't even over and your blog is up to date. Love the toes ;)

Marisa said...

I LOVE this picture collage. You are such an amazing photographer. I love hearing about your amazing adventures (And a little green with envy :))

Janessa said...

What a fun green day activity! Maybe I'll steal it for earth day or something (cause I doubt I'll remember to do it come next St. Patrick's day next year). Great pictures. Fun mom. Cute kids. Love it!