Thursday, February 06, 2014

New beginnings

Summer came and went with the flash of my camera. Although you can never have too many long warm days at the beach, I feel like we made the most of each day and the start of the new school year with it's sharpened pencils, freshly pressed uniforms and early bedtimes can be a welcomed change. And the start of intermediate school for Kylie is an exciting change. She is already shaving her legs, borrowing my shoes, wearing my clothes and getting her first cell phone (granted Jason and I are the only ones on her contact list), so I guess it's time.  I'm glad these boys still have each other so that Jayden can look out for Maddox on the playground and Maddox can annoy Jayden and his friends during lunch. They take their brotherly duties very seriously.

They said I was only allowed to take one picture, and they weren't kidding. I tried to sneak in one more but they're men of their word...

And what's more embarrassing than mom taking your picture at school? Dad trying to hold your hand.

Maddox said he would never be too embarrassed to hold my hand and proved his point right there on the spot.

Catching up with some old friends in the cloak room. This girl couldn't believe Jayden hadn't noticed her haircut. Get used to it, boy....

Holding hands is a no-no, but he'll let a high five or a fist bump slide.

I thought he would have a hard time when we left, but he found his mates and didn't even look back. Not once. That makes me happy and breaks my heart right in half at the same time.  He always comes home so exhausted and grumpy at the end of school, I feel like I've lost my sweet boy since he started. It's not fair that school gets the best part of him.

And it seems as though Kylie's school was using Dorothy as their fashion inspiration when designing their line of uniforms. She's not too thrilled about them, but I think she looks adorable. Just you wait until the wool kilts are unveiled in the winter, though, they're a doozy. The first day was just a meet the teacher day and Kylie's teacher is so great.  She also found out that a girl from our ward is in her class and that helped her first day nerves melt away. She was able to come home after that and we spent some one on one time together (well, one and a half on one if you count Ryder). We got frozen yogurt then walked around the mall discussing the disturbing rat tail haircut trend and spending money on useless things, unless you count Ryder's $7 yellow rainboots that match mine, because really I must. Her first real day of school was great, the whole afternoon they had a pool party so what's not to love?

Everyone seems to be enjoying their first week of school and I'm enjoying a quieter, cleaner house, getting back on a schedule and loving on Ryder before he abandons me for kindy in four months. Sigh. We did get a holiday during the first week of school, Waitangi Day, so quite naturally we explored a new beach. It was blue skies but 65 degrees so while all the kiwis splashed carelessly in the water we sat like bumps on a log with our hoodies zipped tight. Jayden did get brave enough and swam out to jump off the dock a few times. Life is downright good these days.


Michelle Y. said...

I can't believe how big Maddox is and he is already on school.

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

4 months and Ryder will be in school too?! I don't believe it!

Janessa said...

What a great start to a new school year! They're all getting so big! You got some good pics to document the big day. The boys look adorbs and Kylie is rockin the Dorthy look. I can't wait to see the winter wear! Maddox just looks like one of the big, full fledged school kids now. Crazy! And what is this about Ryder starting in a few months?! Craziness! Enjoy that clean house!

Jodee said...

oh man, the day beckham wont hold my hand will surely break my heart. And I am so glad you have Maddox's word documented so in a few years you can pull out the old blog book and say "see, you said ALWAYS!!!"
I do love a good uniform but really? Poor Kylie. She still rocks it like nobody else could.
And Kindy in 4 months!!! What will you ever do?