Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just beachy

I picked up a summer events booklet a few months ago and ear marked all the cool things we were going to do. The movie in the park got rained out, we were out of town for the kite festival, the family fun runs,well...I don't think that was ever really on the table. But I'm so glad the sand castle building contest was in the cards for today. We had a stake BBQ (not to be confused with a steak BBQ, no everything here is a sausage sizzle) in the morning then caught the tail end of this event.  Jason dropped us off then went to find parking and as we walked onto the beach all we could see were hundreds of kids building sandcastles. Oh crap, I frantically texted Jason to tell him never mind it was just a bunch of amateurs and totally not worth the parking money. So glad we ventured a little farther down and found the sand castle mecca. We strolled around, picked our favorites, tried to be discreet as Ryder peed in the grass (#talesofpottytraining), watched Maddox use seashells in lieu of buckets to build miniature sand castles, wished we hadn't listened to the forcast for rain and brought our swimsuits, ate ice cream (and legend has it that I had almost as much ice cream on my face as Ryder), walked along the pier reminiscing about the last time we walked the pier then called it a day. Zipping to the beach for a few hours on a Saturday just never gets old.

So weird to see so many people on the beach. And all this time I thought the beaches only belonged to us...


Ali said...

Dear Personal Global Virtual Encourager,

Thank you so much always for your comments. They always mean so much. Thank you.

As for this post, the last photo is absolute BLISS. Just perfection. I get a thrill to know you're loving your new life... it seems to grow better and do live life to the full. Bravo!

Wishing you a lovely weekend; we win when you have a lovely weekend because there are more awesome photos and stories!


Janessa said...

That has got to be the most people you've seen all together in one group since you left the states. At least that's my guess from the pictures you post. Did you feel claustrophobic? Good thing it was in the great big outdoors. What a perfect day and fantastic outing. Those are some amazing creations!

Jodee said...

AMAZING!!! I have always wondered how they do that, usually as my three bucket ghetto castle crumbles to a pile of mush.
And that last pic. is pretty darn awesome!