Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I hope these kids know how lucky they are.  I hope they know what an incredible experience this is for them.  I know they probably don't, because they're kids, but my hope is that one day they will look back and appreciate it.  Horse riding is the one solitary thing that I've found that is cheaper here than in the US--$6 for a 1/2 hr lesson (which was really more like 45 min, sometimes island time works in our favor).  They got to experience something new while surrounded by beautiful countryside, yet tonight Kylie told me she would still rather be back in Arizona.  Of course this was while we were at the Pak n' Save and the Pak n' Save tends to bring out the worst in everyone. It was still kind of disheartening, though.  But I know they are having fun, and I know they had a great time today, they're already begging to go back. I just have to remember that it took me some time to come around, so I'm learning to be patient.  Days like these are going to get filed away in her memory until it's overflowing and she has no choice but to fall in love too.

The boys had the best time jumping in mud puddles, chasing bunnies, chickens and quails and pestering the poor ponies. (And Chels, I had to document proof that other people really do exist here, I'm just always trying to cut them out :) ^^

Ummm.....yeah. That just happened.  I told him to pet him and this is what I got.

The clouds were rolling in as we drove away.  We stopped at a little farmers market and stocked up on fruit.  As we drove back home munching on apples I felt all countrified and satisfied.  It was a day well spent. Someday they'll realize that too.


Ali said...


They'll get there...; I'm fairly sure you don't even have to spend any time hoping they will!

We lived in Sweden for a year when I was 7 (our ages were 5, 7, 9, 11, 13) and it was the best year of our childhood, but we all adapted at a different pace in the beginning.

I love the finger up the nose pic most of all.

Alpine Ali ;-)

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

How cool! You guys just fit right in. Know one would know you guys werent originated kiwis based on this lovely day!

Chelsea said...

some of my very best memories as a kid involve horses! My dad was part owner of a horse ranch at one point (weird for him, right?) and we didn't go often enough, but enough to remember it always. Lucky kids. Glad to see that other people are also inhabiting Young Zealand!

Janessa said...

Horse riding and muddy boots. Perfect day for sure! Plus, he's picked the horses nose! Love it!!! I'm sure there are things Kylie misses about AZ, but if it came down to it, I'll bet she wouldn't want to leave, not yet. You're so good to be patient and understanding. Amazing memories that will be brought up again and again through out their life for sure!

Jodee said...

I am loving the country living you are experiencing. I always think I want to live on a farm on a dreamy hill in the middle of nowhere... and then reality hits. But I think you are doing it just right, just enough time to enjoy it.