Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy is good

We've had a busy week, but busy is good.  It always stresses me out when I look at the calendar and know I have a busy week ahead, but the satisfaction is so much greater when I can look back at all I've accomplished at the end of the week instead of looking back and realizing the only thing I accomplished was checking instagram twenty three times a day.  Our good friends, the Herrera's went out of town and we inherited 5 of their kids for most of the week.  It was chaotic at times being the mother of 9, but the kids were all so good and had so much fun together.  The little ones went home for the weekend with Grandma but we kept the older two and invited a couple other friends over for their first ever "real" sleepover. We don't do sleepovers and they definately made up for lost time. We watched a movie on the projector then I went to bed and they stayed up until the wee hours of morning doing who knows what.  I'm glad they got to experience it and get it out of their system, but after seeing the house in the morning I was glad that it's not a regular occurance.  Jason also happened to be out of town snowboarding that weekend and the babysitter fell through so I had to drag the little guys to Jayden's basketball game and Kylie's first dance competition. I'm actually glad it turned out that way because I loved seeing Kylie cheer Jayden on and I more than loved how absorbed the boys were in Kylie's competition.  They sat, I kid you not, for over an hour straight totally entertained by all the dancers.  Even Ryder, who is infamous for running laps around the gym during sacrament meeting, sat in a trance.  Jayden even critiqued the dances, giving them a score between 1-10 and picking his favorite.  Of course Kylie's dance was our favorite and their team won high gold, first in their division and 3rd overall.  So proud of them!  We celebrated with chick-fil-a for dinner and all went to bed exhausted, but oh so happy. We'll let instagram tell the rest of the story.


Tyler and Margaret said...

"Sista Young!"

Janessa said...

9 kids! Now you know you can do it:) I love that you didn't just make it through the week, but had fun and ended with a big party. Kylie is such an amazing dancer! Congrats on doing so well at her competition! I can totally picture your boys totally mesmerized by the dancers. I love the way Jayden is so supportive. You have some pretty awesome kids!

Jodee said...

You are superwoman. that is a lot of kiddos!
And I agree, you didn't just survive the week, you made it awesome! Lucky kids