Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Valentine's tradition

I love this thing we have going on.  Making Valentine's day all about the kids then sneaking away for a weekend with my sweetheart.  This is the fourth year we've done it and our second year doing it in Utah.  I love sharing one of Jason's favorite hobbies.  He can board circles around and above me, but I love how he hangs with me and I especially like when he shows off.  He's kinda hot. 

We're usually Marriott loyalists so I knew he really loved me when he was willing to forego a free night on points in the name of romance.  He surprised me with a night at the cutest bed and breakfast nestled in the snowy mountains of Midway that we stayed in on our first anniversary (or second--we can't remember, we've been married too long). 

We checked in, showered then headed out for a wild night to...Cafe Rio and Shopko.  He had picked out a great restraunt but there was a 2hr wait so Cafe Rio was the obvious runner up.  Jam packed with the shiny happy people of happy valley brought back so many memories.  We promised the kids we'd bring back treats and the lure of Shopko's flourescent lights were too much to resist.  I think our entire first apartment was furnished by Shopko and hand-me downs.  They still carry the same bookshelf that we bought 14 years ago.  Nostalgic.

We went back and watched Netflix cozied up by the fire, it was so romantic.  And the most romantic part was sleeping in. The breakfast was so delicious, I ate until I was about to pop a button and I still wished I would have snuck an extra slice of french toast in my purse.  Then being the sweet husband he is, he let me spend the entire day shopping at the Park City outlets until I didn't want to see another rack of clothes for atleast a week. I didn't even know that was possible.

Dinner at The Roof was the icing on our cake of romance.  I loved the ambiance and the gorgeous view, the food wasn't anything to write home about, but my dinner date definately was.  He treats me so good.  I loved having him all to myself this weekend, we had some great conversations about some exciting changes this year, laughed at so many inside jokes and soaked up those quiet moments.  It was so refreshing and so perfect, and that's not even me trying to sugar coat it for the blog.  It really was the perfect weekend.  I'm a lucky girl to be loved by this boy.

The Herrera's were so nice to inherit our kids for the weekend.  When we came to pick them up Maddox ran and jumped in my arms and held me so tight.  Before I knew it, he was sobbing and telling me that he just loved me so much.  That boy...words can't even describe our bond.  It was nice having the kids home for President's day the next day. After cracking the whip and doing chores all morning we enjoyed the perfect weather with popsicles at the park.  I did miss the kids, but I think I could have stayed a few days longer :)


Janessa said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend for sure! I'm glad the drive to the airport didn't ruin things:) You two are the cutest couple! I love that you got Shopko pictures even! And you have such sweet kiddos to go back home to. That Maddox just melts my heart! You're a lucky honey and mama!

Chelsea said...

love love love it all! I've never heard of Shopko but seriously you can't beat $20 for a bookshelf! No wonder they still carry it ;) Major points for Jason, I love that you two actually celebrate the lovers holiday. But little M sobbing about how much he loves you may just overshadow the rest of the post, what a sweetheart!!!!!!

Jodee said...

That is hilarious! Ronnie and I spent many nights at shopko! I am surprised it is still there! It was always dead and the shelves were never very stalked.
Your valentines getaway sounds wonderful! I love the pics you got boarding and with the temple. So fun!

Andi said...

That's so great about your get-a-away. It looks like you went to the Shopko in Orem. I try to bike to that area whenever I need to run errands.

Michelle Y. said...

I love reading about your get away. How fun! You are always so creative with the kids on Valentines :)