Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heaven help me

Oh I could die a thousand deaths the way this picture kills me each time I see it. I just so happened upon these bowties in the dollar section of Target, on Easter clearance mind you, and I had to have a serious talk with myself as to why I have never put bowties on my boys before.  Although Jason did kind of kill it for me when Maddox put his on right after he got out of the bath and he taught him to say "Chip n' Dale".


Chelsea said...

ha! i'm glad you had that serious talk with yourself, I love bow ties, jer not so much. Love the chip n dale comment. Cutest little boys! And I can't get over how much Ryder looks like Kylie.

Jodee said...

eeeek! I love bow tie babies! they are adorable!

Janessa said...

I am totally laughing! From the way you write (love your opening line!) to the "chip n' dale" lessons. Oh, and those adorable boys! I have got to go invest in some bow ties. Pronto!