Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Is it just me, or does Maddox dominate this blog?  I used to feel guilty that he really was my favorite but I think he steals the spotlight just because he's home with me all day.  He's been really naughty lateley though, so he has dropped in the ranks (in the past 24 hrs he dumped out an entire bottle of shampoo I had just bought that day, then pulled every book off the shelf while I was cleaning that up, then crushed up dishwasher tablets all over the floor while I was cleaning that up.  He also pulled everything out of the kitchen cupboard so that he could put his toys in there instead, mopped the bathroom floor with dirty toilet water and the toilet brush and tried to flush game pieces down the toilet. This has greatly affected his "favorite" status).  Despite being rotten, I still kind of like him and he still knows how to melt my heart, so here are the latest Na-Na musings....

Jayden has finally come to terms that Maddox is sticking around for good and has decided that it's okay to actually play with him on occasion.  They love playing trains together and secretly I think Jayden enjoys reminiscing about his own Thomas crazed days (even though he is adament that Thomas is for babies).  The other day I found them snuggled up reading stories while waiting for carpool.  I knew deep down he really did love Maddox, some days it's just harder to tell then others. He is still in Kylie's good graces and I'm surprised and happy to see how well they play together.  He calls her "Ky mom". (speaking of Jayden, I just overheard him playing in the toy room with his Muslim friend.  When he was about to break his lego castle he said, "just because you don't celebrate Christmas, doesn't mean you can break my Christmas present!" Ha, ha. Oh dear.)

I have decided Maddox is a little OCD.  He becomes obsessed with random objects and has to carry them around every minute of every day, sleep with them and even calls out for them in the middle of the night if they get lost in the sea of blankets.  It was the "chocolate boats" (brown door stoppers from grandma's house) for a long time, then there's always the random favorite cars or trains (I think the world stood still for the 3 days that his "baby Thomas" was left at the dentist's office), but lately it has been dice.  He has dumped out all the games in search of every dice that he can find (he hit the jackpot with Yahtzee).  I have to keep a steady stash hidden away for those midnight emergencies when he has dropped one on the side of the bed.

He said his very first prayer the other day.  We were having a mid afternoon Fruity Pebbles craving and as we sat down to eat he reminded me that we needed "prayer" and then folded his arms and proceeded with this: " train train car, right here (and points to it)....amen!"  He also makes me laugh whenever he hears Rhianna's "What's my name?" song, he gets so excited and calls it the Na-Na song ("oh Na Na, what's my name, oh Na Na...").  I also love when he talks, he pronunciates each word: "guess. what. mom", "be. quiet. Gi-Gi.", "try. again.", "play. with. Na Na.", ""...  He may be naughty, but that boy definately knows cute!


Janessa said...

Naughty or not, he is hands down one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. I just cracked up at every cute little thing he did when we saw you guys at christmas. What's a little shampoo on the floor, an empty book shelf and cupboards, etc? Okay, easy for me to say, I'm not the one cleaning it all up. Hopefully he's getting this naughty streak out of his system and he'll be back to his angelic ways when the baby is born:) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I love the picture of him and Jayden. It can be hard when there's a several year age difference. I'm glad Jayden is coming around. I love all of Maddox's OCDism. So cute! Oh, and I love his little prayer too.

Jodee said...

Ah ha ha!!! I know this post is about Na Na but Gi Gi is a hoot with his Christmas comment, HILARIOUS! I keep going back and reading that line and cracking up all over again.
I still love that your kids make up names for themselves. Too cute!
And Ky mom is pretty good too!

Chelsea said...

not to scare you but kosty started showing signs of OCD just like that at that age...haha. I know Na Na is no Kosty though so no worries! Now I will think of him everytime I hear that song, too bad its dirty, but at least Na Na remains blissfully unaware. :)

nicole said...

Na-Na is so cute :) Maggie's prayers are the same way. She just lists off every toy she can think of. Heavenly Father must love those little prayers so much.