Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boys boarding trip
Once again I've got the pictures, but not a whole lot of dialogue to go along with it. Jason went to Utah with some AZ friends and then a few weeks later went with his Vegas buddies, it was good for Jason to get a break from work, he's had a pretty stressful past few weeks. It sounds and looks like they had a great time!

We all love the Vegas boys, Kylie was so excited when "uncle" Shawn stayed the night and I had a hard time convincing her to go to bed after their late night Heelys party.


Janessa said...

I love the way you guys do your boys trips and girls trips. What a fun little break with friends. The snow covered mountains look so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them so that I can enjoy them from the warmth of my own house.

Jodee said...

those pictures are amazing, looks like a great day for some boarding! And I love that Jayson has heelys, I have always wondered if they make adult sizes, they look like so much fun!