Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'll admit it. Maddox gets neglected. Since school has started he spends the majority of his days parked in front of the TV, playing cars and trains by himself or being dragged around on errands. He's such an easy going kid, which also makes it easy for me to ignore him. I decided I need to make a conscious effort to enjoy the one on one time with him, and that's why I've taken him on two (yes count it, uno, dos) outings in the past month. So sad. This was our second big outing to Superstition farms and I had so much fun with my little man. I love that all it takes is a few animals to feed,

 a little hay ride around the cow farm

and some of the best homemade ice cream to get him excited (the ice cream got me excited too).
When we got there he clung tight to me so that the animals wouldn't eat him.  Finally he atleast got on the ground and would feed the chickens,

 and before long he was brushing all the animals (the chickens didn't like that too much),

chasing Toby the farm dog around and pretending he was a dog (with cow poop on his shoe that he brought home as a souvenier),

and trying to feed the animals goat poop that he had found on the ground. lovely. How cute is this little 2 day old calf??
I loved spending the morning in his little world.  I really need to do that more often.

(Farmer Jason took this picture and emailed it to me. Apparently Farmers now day carry iphones and have facebook pages for their dogs)


Janessa said...

After seeing these pictures on fb I've been eager to hear the commentary that goes with them. Sounds like a super fun day! You are a great mom and I'm sure Maddox loved his big outing with you. You got so many great farm pictures!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

Cute! And you're a pro with that new camera of yours!

I think we might have missed each other in Vegas just like you said...SAD DAY!

Jodee said...

he is so cute. nice pics too!

Chelsea said...

how funny, marcee forgot her camera and he did that for her too. I told him I had mine but he was insistent and loved showing us his new "hipstamatic" app.

Ah, the farm! wishing I could have some of that ice cream now. And that dog was so funny--he was in that same strange position when we were there. Don't know if I've seen that before.

Your pics are looking so good!!

Scott and Nicole said...

Love the pictures Jaime!I could eat that boy up.