Sunday, August 08, 2010

D is for....
(these are pre-Cannon days, bear with me :)

Drive-in movies. It may have been a little toasty (I think we sweated off the popcorn and candy calories in the first 5 minutes), and a little late at night, but it was such a fun night with friends and a great way to say good-bye to summer.

Duck tape crafts. I had this on my list so I was excited when my mom took the bull by the horns at our reunion and headed up the duck tape craft extravaganza. We made the purses by wrapping the duck tape around ziploc freezer bags then decorating them. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the different ones, we had some creative ladies who let loose with duck tape flowers, ruffles, stripes and weaving.

Donuts. Is there anything you can't make with Rhodes dough? Defrost, make a donut shape, fry in hot oil and dip immediately in cinnamon/sugar mixture (you can also dip in powdered sugar)

Daddy lunch. One last hurrah before the kids start school and are doomed to PB&J for the next 10 months.

Dinosaur pictures. They didn't turn out quite like this, but the kids always have fun anytime paint is involved.

Dodgeball. Waterballoons were the only way to go with this, but the rules of the game didn't last long before it turned into a full on water fight.

Dirt drawings. Just like the elementary school glitter projects, just pour dirt on the glue instead.


Janessa said...

Yet another week of clever crafy summer fun. So many wonderful project and activities! I wish we had a drive in. It looks like so much fun, even in the heat. I love that picture of Maddox with his big bag of popcorn and a bottle. I just love that boy! I know part of you was sad to say good bye to summer and send your kids back to school but I also know that you are enjoying your quiet clean house for several hours each day.

洁 玲 said...

I'm loving these themed weeks, very creative.

Jodee said...

love it! I will have to try the kool-aid playdoh recipe, so fun!

Jodee said...

I used to buy rhodes rolls all the time and make your calzones but haven't in a while, you are now reminding me just how wonderful they are! and dirt art would be right up my kids ally, so fun!