Wednesday, July 21, 2010

F is for.....

Funny faces- from Family Fun
Fudgesicles- (1 pkg chocolate pudding, 2 C milk, 1/2 C heavy cream, 1/2 C sugar- beat together, pour into plastic cups, cover with foil, push popsicle stick through foil and freeze)
Frozen yogurt- we love "Swirl It" where you can build your own froyo sundae using every single flavor and every single topping and Jayden did just that. (Notice the big scoop falling off Maddox's spoon? Yeah, it wasn't a pretty picture by the time he got finished.)
At what age do kids become aware when their face is completely smeared with food?
French tips- cause Kylie needed something to do while Jayden was at a playdate.
Finger painting- (1 1/2 Tbs cornstarch, 1 C water, food coloring- mix well and boil until thick, cool- thanks Jennie!). I love Reynold's freezer paper, it comes in a huge roll (in the tinfoil aisle at Wal-mart) for like $5.50 and keeps my kids entertained for hours so I can cook, clean or waste my time on the computer.
I wised up and took this shin dig outside where it quickly turned into body painting and ended with everything and everybody getting hosed down.
Forts- games, stories and a sleepover

Fondue- I was just going to melt choco chips in the microwave and use skewers but I forgot about this little set my VT gave to me like 3 years ago. It's amazing how the bribe of pokey sticks and bite sized anything dipped in chocolate can get chores done in no time at all.
Fossils- I used plaster paris because I had some on hand, but here is a link for a salt dough fossil recipe

Fingerprint art- I was at the $ store and they didn't have the multi-colored ink pad so instead of buying 10 different ones I bought one then just used markers on their fingers for the other colors.


Jodee said...

Fun week, i am taking notes and totally doing this next summer! ps- out of the blue, madison said today, "i miss kylie."

Janessa said...

F is for FUN!!! What fantastic projects. I totally forgot about the freezer paper. I'm going to go add that to my shopping list right now. How many of the summer art projects are you keeping and how do you ditch the rejects? I hate that dilema.

Suni said...

What great ideas, you are such a fun mom!!