Saturday, July 17, 2010

B is for.....

Balloon Yo-yo's
Blankets- our ward is making the fleece blankets for "Project Linus". I didn't take pictures because I pretty much did it myself, but in theory it was a good idea to do it with the kids.

Bread dough art (Rhoades dough roll creations, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and dipped in powdered sugar frosting)Beaded animal keychains (kit from Wal-mart)

Bubbles: 3 C water, 1 C Joy dish soap, 1/2 C corn syrup. Mix atleast 4hr ahead and put in shallow pan, make wands out of pipe cleaner or wire hangers

Blow art

leave it to Jayden to get a gutter ball even with the bumpers :)


Janessa said...

Looks like another week full of fun! You found so many fun and creative projects. You're kids are going to be so sad to go back to school. We've been sick here so I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things yet. This week will be awesome though! (I hope.)

Chelsea said...

you're still going strong! yay B!

Jodee said...

b is a good one, lots of fun! I love that Jayden bowls like me, that takes skills ya know!