Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 5: Cozumel, Mexico

(Yes, the hand is on the hip and it ain't leaving anytime soon. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Just another day in paradise...that may be a tad bit cliche, but each day (besides when I was dying in Belize) was pretty darn close to paradise. Except of course my kids would be with us in paradise, but now we're just getting off the point. We spent the morning tracking down my friend's sister that lives here (yeah, it must be rough living in paradise) so that we could deliver a package to her. We rented a little scooter and cruised around until we were finally able to find her.

She was nice to give us the inside scoop on where to eat and what to do and then she was even so nice to let us use her phone to call our kids. We hadn't been able to talk to them all week and I got a little teary eyed hearing their cute little voices again. I was worried that they would be so sad and cry every night because they missed us, but apparently that wasn't the case since Jayden was too busy playing to talk to me for longer than 5 seconds and Kylie said that she didn't want us to come home because she was having too much fun playing with her cousins. I know deep down they really missed us, though (right??). It was so nice knowing they were in good hands and I can't thank Jason's sister, Andrea and her family enough! After that we cruised around and found a great snorkeling spot. I was amazed at how many cool fish we saw right off the shore. Jelly fish, anemone, sea urchins, some needle nose fish thingy and just tons of bright colored fish. We lasted for about a half hour before my poor diseased chin was on fire from the salt water.

(There are few things in life that rival the sexiness of a good pair of goggles. Although the hand on the hip pose is a close runner-up)

We explored the city, ate lunch (back to the refried bean burrito, no more fish corpse for me) and counted how many kids some families would pile onto one scooter. Then we found this road that circled around the entire island, it was like a mini PCH, but ten times more awesomer. I had one of those "pinch me" moments as we were cruising down the road, watching the beautiful blue waves crash on the white sandy beaches, holding tight to my man with the wind blowing in my extensions and the sun glistening off my sunscreen lathered skin. Everything was so perfect at that moment. I found my new happy place. They had the most beautiful secluded beaches that I wish we could have stopped at, but my dream of relaxing all day on the beach was crushed since I'm convinced that the sun pretty much hates me. Besides, we were worried that we wouldn't make it back to the ship in time. We did make a couple of quick stops to check out this cool blow hole, collect some sea shells for the kids and Jason was tempted to stop at a nude beach but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. The day flew by and we were sad when it was time to board the ship. I was sad that this was our last stop, but I was getting pretty anxious to see the kids again.

these dudes were even bigger than the ones in Costa Maya

This guy was trying to convince us that he had the cheapest blankets on the island, only $5. A mile down the road we found the same blankets for $2.99. A mile farther down we found them for $1.99. But if I were to buy one I would definately go with the first guy, you've just gotta give him props for his creative marketing technique.


Amber! said...

The hand on the hip is hot. Don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise. I should try. Every photo that has my upper arm in it makes me look 30 pounds heavier than I really am!

Chelsea said...

lol! ..."the wind blowing in my extensions.." what a crack up. Ok, and ONLY YOU would know somebody there and even have a package to deliver!!!! Unbelievable girl.

Janessa said...

I agree with Amber, don't give up the arm on the hip. Great tip! We're all going to be doing it. Wee'll call it the Jamie pose and you'll be famous. You should hurry and get a patent on it. I loved my little morning trip to paradise via your blog. Thank you, thank you. What a fun day just cruising around the island with your honey. The snorkeling sounds fabulous. Glad you chin allowed you a little bit of time in the water. I just have to say that you two look so hot! You both look so young and in such good shape. Everybody that saw you probably thought you were there on your honeymoon. Nobody would guess that you have three kids back at home waiting for you. I'm jealously impressed. Too bad you didn't have enough time to hang out at the nude beach for a while:) I love your kids phone conversations. Of course they love and miss you tons. Sounds like they were just enjoying their vacation too.

Jodee said...

I don't even know where to start. But I am crying from laughing so hard. You kill me.
If your signature pose is the "hand on hip" one I think Jason's would have to be the "thumbs up" pose.
Those beaches look amazing! I think I would have had a hard time not going to the nude beach too, swimming around in that blue water naked sounds like paradise to me!

nicole said...

I think you got that pose from Tasha on the girl's trip. And what is funny is that right before I read this post, I was taking pictures of myself for Jonny (we have to keep the romance alive somehow considering I'm not seeing him again for like 3 months) Anyways, and I was doing that exact same pose thinking that Tasha said it makes you look skinnier.

marcee said...

Nice tip on the hand on the hip! I'll remember that for my next swimsuit pose!

Alisa Larson said...

I love Cozumel! I was so looking forward to being there again. I'm glad you guys did the scooters.