Monday, July 07, 2008

Vacation Marathon
Part I: Viva Las Vegas

We just got back from an amazingly fun two week vacation to Vegas and Utah. Jason once again had to work in Vegas so this time we tagged along for the week then headed up to Utah. Here's the breakdown of our Vegas fun:

Sunday: pulled in around 7:00pm and stopped to visit Jason's friend's mom (the kids have adopted her as "Grandma Ardis") before heading to the hotel

Monday: hanging out at my aunt Brenda's house, going to the park and lunch; Visiting my friend Kandice and her cute little guy and adorable twin girls; meeting up with Tyler, Trent and Rachel for dinner and haning out at Town Center.

Tuesday: hanging out at the hotel/casino going bowling, swimming, playing games; going to dinner and out to ice-cream with Jason's dad; driving the kids around the strip.

Wednesday: meeting up with my sister-in-law DeEtte and her kids at the movie theater, going back to their house to hang out and swim; dropping the kids off at Grandma Young's house while Jason and I went to the Danny Gans show (thanks Allen for the tickets and thanks Grandma for watching the kids!)

Thursday: lunch at McDonald's with cousins, then coming back to the hotel for some pool time before heading over to their house to hangout before picking Jason up from work and heading up to Utah.


Ricky and Janessa Cazier said...

Wow, you are on top of things if you're already getting pictures up on your blog. I'm afraid it'll be days before I get to that. Cute slide show! Sounds like a great start to a fun filled vacation. I love that where ever you guys go you always have friends to visit. You are such friendly people and do so good to keep in touch with all of them. I can't wait to see pictures of the rest of your trip!

Jodee said...

that is one packed trip! It is always hard to go back to a place where you want to spend time with everyone you know. Sounds like you did a great job of that. I am just glad that if you ever come up here we will get you all to ourselves! I am happy you made it back safely!

WishTrish said...

Wow! I need to trade lives with all of my traveling friends. How fun!

Nichols Family said...

Welcome home! We missed you!

Glazier5 said...

Hey Jamie...glad you're back and glad you had a fun trip! You're putting us all to shame in getting your trip blogged so fast! Looks like you are going on Friday...still trying to figure out what I can do with my kids. I may have to send you as the Beehive representative! Looking forward to catching up with you!:-)

Suni said...

Wow you were busy girl!! I have one question did Kylie eat the octopus????.....please say no!! looked so gross!! If so she is one brave girl!!!

Kandice said...

It was so fun to see you here in Vegas, thanks for fitting us into your busy vacation. It was so cute to see Kylie with the girls, I think they would like a sister too. Chase is a little rough. :) We need to come and visit you next. We are always talking about it, but it hasn't happen yet.