Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Every winter our orange tree hangs heavy with the sweetest, juciest oranges. It's quite a luxury to step outside and have a fresh orange with my toast for breakfast or a quick snack. Jason and I can't get enough, but for some crazy reason the kids don't like oranges. I can't wrap my brain around it.  We finally (FINALLY) got a juicer so that all those oranges don't go to waste. Maddox and Ryder were so excited to help me juice a big batch. I couldn't wait for the kids to taste the fresh squeezed orange juice, I know they would be instant converts. I mean, we really brought our Sunday brunch game to a whole new level. But after all that work, the kids decided they still liked the frozen concentrate better. Go figure. At least Jason and I know how to enjoy the finer things in life. And at least it made for an enjoyable morning in the kitchen with the boys.

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