Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Rainbows and bucket lists

Our only regret was that we didn't plan to stay longer. After taking travel time into consideration, our 4 day trip turned into only 2 full days, but man we packed in as much as we could. Starting the mornings out right with holes turned to tunnels turned to swimming pools complete with an irrigation system to keep it full. I loved seeing them interact, problem solve, imagine and create together. 

Home sweet home. This is the only beach (safely) accessible to vehicles (even so, we still had to help a few vehicles that were stuck in the sand), so it was pretty packed. Thankfully with a lake the size of Powell, the water itself always felt empty.

Speaking of a lake this size. I knew it was big, but I had no idea the magnitude of its size. We took a day trip to Rainbow Bridge which took 1 1/2 hours one way by boat, going full speed the whole way. And that's not even close to the full length of the lake. By the time we got there I felt like we had just gotten out of a concert, my ears were ringing from the constant noise and wind. But it was a gorgeous drive out and since we were riding in the Palmer's boat I loved that we got to slide up next to Jason and enjoy the ride.

This kid and his summer tan, you can tell he didn't get his beautiful skin from me.

Once again we had to make our way through the narrows and I kept having visions of another boat whipping around the corner and having a head on collision. I couldn't relax until we got through it.

Thankfully we made it with no incident and enjoyed a hot but rewarding hike to the breathtaking Rainbow Bridge, the largest natural bridge in the world.

On the way back we spotted this lookout and of course the boys had to climb it. Lake Powell is just spilling over with hidden secrets and gems, I can't wait to come back and explore more nooks and crannies.

 Horseshoe Bend has been on my bucket list for a while now. Ever since I discovered that it existed and was only a short walk over a hill at an unassuming parking lot on the side of the road right outside of Page. We've made that drive so many times and I had no idea that jaw dropping beauty lay a mere 3/4 mile down a dusty trail. The thing about this place is that it is crazy beautiful but also crazy scary. Those sheer drops are no joke. With so many people milling around and taking selfies on the edge of the cliffs, it's amazing that no one stumbles and falls. I breathed a deep sigh as we headed back, but that night lay in bed with my stomach in knots having visions of the kids falling off. It's making me anxious just thinking about it, but for now let's just focus on the immense peace and beauty radiating from this natural wonder. Ignoring the haze from neighboring forest fires. Such a shame.

This picture is deceiving, he's not perched right on the edge. Although he wanted to. He asked if he could dangle his legs over. Cue mini heart attack.

We took another evening cruise, as one does, but this time to the sand hill. A lung collapsing, heart attack inducing climb to the top, but looks of pure joy as the kids ran down with arms flailing and legs turning faster than they could keep up. I wish we had more time to play here before the sun went down and signaled the end of the day and the end of our trip. The end of our amazing trip. Made only better if Kylie were with us. And if the caliper for the brake on the trailer didn't fall off (why yes, I was nervous to drive it home, thanks for asking). And if the speedometer on the boat didn't break. And if the anchor didn't get lost (thanks Trevor for diving to find it!). And if the nav light didn't go out. And if the bilge wasn't taking in so much water. The joy of boat ownership. But all that is just nonsense details compared to the amazing time we had. Although we really did miss Kylie, on the way home we stopped at Cafe Rio and Maddox got a sad look on his face when he saw the empty seat where Kylie should be sitting. It was sweet. Until next time!

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