Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Snow Report

Back in February Jason took a boy's trip to Idaho with some guys from the ward. They packed the weekend with snowmobiling then boarding at Grand Targhee and Big Sky Montana. I don't know much about the details, all I know is he had a great time and was exhausted when he got back! And he looks really cute in his snowboarding gear. 

And then when we were in Utah Jason took the kids boarding a few times. The plan was to go all together as a family for our first time with Ryder on a board. But then Jayden woke up violently ill that morning. Poor guy, it was so sad. Kylie and Maddox had fun boarding with their dad and cousins, though. Maddox is really getting a hang of it!

Jayden was excited that he was finally feeling well enough to go to Brighton one day. Jason was nice to bring along some cousins and a friend as well and they all had fun hanging together. Sad to miss out again, but glad they could make some great memories on the slopes! I have my own memories here when Jason used to take me night boarding here when we were at BYU. Still crazy to see how much life has changed since those days!

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