Sunday, February 28, 2016

February little things

They had a fine dining event at school and since Jayden is on the student council he was one of the waiters. Everyone got dressed up and it was quite a fancy soiree. 

Jayden was having a sentimental moment looking through the blog books and remembering how close he and Kylie were when they were younger. He made such an effort for the next couple of days to rekindle that friendship, it really was the sweetest. I know they don't have a lot in common right now and some times it's hard for them to relate to each other so it makes my heart swell when I see them bonding. 

Ryder learned how to pump and was so gosh darn proud of himself. I was pretty gosh darn excited too!

We took a field trip to the fire station with his preschool. He was super impressed with the pole AND the slides. I still remember coming here for Kylie and Jayden's preschool field trips, hard to believe this one will be my last!

Just when I think he's growing up to fast, I see this and am reminded that he's still my baby. He still crawls in bed with me every morning and all I want to do is stay in bed and snuggle with him all day.

I've been attempting the gym at 5:30 am a few days a week. I always feel so good when I go, but it is so hard getting out of my cozy bed that early! I am so not a morning person, no matter how hard I try.

Jason has been working from home on Fridays. We don't see much of him, he is usually up in the room working the whole time, but Ryder sure loves when he gets a little Daddy time all to himself while the rest of the kids are at school.

I took Ryder to an open gym and that kid couldn't get enough. He was running around, bouncing between all the different equipment and working up quite a sweat. I had to laugh as he did somersaults on here and left a trail of head sweat with every roll.

We got this sweet text from Maddox one night while we were out to dinner and Kylie was babysitting. He secretly recorded her singing while she was working on her homework and I love that he complimented her "butiful voys". We usually just get a lot of poop emojis when he texts us. He specializes in those.

We have the best time when we go out with the Armstrongs and Farnes. It all started when we were all put in charge of the ward Christmas party and really got to know each other, it is such a fun group and we end up laughing until we're crying whenever we go out. It's rejuvenating and good for the soul.

And for several days our kitchen was out of commission, but totally worth it as I finally convinced Jason to let me get the kitchen cabinets painted. It turned out amazing and looks so fresh. I'll post more pictures later, but I still can't believe what a difference it makes. So there's a few highlights from the month!

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Ali said...

"butiful voys" :-) … outstanding. Why are we all so boring in conforming to a single "right" spelling for words?!