Thursday, October 29, 2015

Take me back

What I would give to spend another week in Fiji. I can't say it enough. It was perfect. It was heaven. It was paradise. It was everything we could ever want and more. In the water and on the beach from sun up to sun down. Pausing only for the delicious meals that have you craving the next meal even before you're finished eating.

He floated around (close to shore) for quite a while like this, falling asleep to the rhythmic rocking of the waves. He's definitely got the right idea. 

These sea cucumbers were everywhere. At one point I pulled the boys around the island on the kayak and I had a hard time dodging them as I walked. FYI, they are very squishy if you accidentally step on one.

They spent hours snorkeling around at low tide finding all sorts of cool underwater creatures. They saw a few reef sharks, clown fish and turtles but never caught them on camera.

These spy boards were pretty cool with a clear plastic bottom so you could see in the water without going under.

Our little slice of paradise. That little tiny island has filled a huge spot in our hearts.

I laid down for a nap (all that relaxing can really wear you out) and Jason was playing volleyball with the kids when Maddox ran in so excited to tell me that he canoed around the entire island by himself. At first I kind of freaked out at the idea of him out in the ocean unsupervised. Even though it's a small island, kayaking can be quite strenuous, especially for a 6 year old. And what if he got caught in a current. But he didn't. He was just fine.  He just gained a little more confidence and independence. Which is good for kids. It was cute just picturing him lost in his own little world as he navigated his way around.

Then he took Ryder for a spin to show off his new found skill.

On our last day there I was so excited when the excursion was snorkeling at the Sand Cay. It was my favorite excursion the last time we were here and I was excited to share it with the kids.

The coral and fish weren't as colorful as I remembered. Last time we saw the entire cast of Finding Nemo. This time it was mostly just schools of these black and white striped fish, but it was still beautiful. And the drop off is still as ominous, as the reef drops off into a dark abyss.  It's a little unnerving swimming out past the reef where you can't see the bottom.

They built forts out of sand and had a sand ball fight.

After five days of bliss it was time to bid farewell to Navini. It was a sad goodbye. It was also a sad goodbye with Grandma Judy. Especially since there was a miscommunication and by the time we got to the dock to say our last good byes, her boat had already left. We stood on the shore desperately jumping, waving and yelling our good byes while she blew kisses from the boat and promised to call. The whole point of coming here together was to have a proper farewell. We saw the irony in it all. But we know it's not a forever goodbye, we will definitely be seeing her again. I hope we can say the same about Fiji.


Ali said...

Oooooh…. this one leaves me envious. Paradise indeed! I'm glad you got to return there with the kids. And I love this parenting gem: " And what if he got caught in a current. But he didn't. "… yeah, in my opinion, this is how kids learn and grow up to be responsible, self-disciplined, eternally curious adults. It helps (their parents) when they go on their adventures first, and report in the success afterwards :-)

Janessa said...

Oh my gosh, you totally have me sold on Fiji! I'm super impressed with Maddox's spin around the island! I can only imagine the things going through his cute little mind as he bravely conquered the ocean. It just makes my heart happy to see all the incredible experiences you and your kiddos have had. Amazing!