Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Blue Mountain and Bouddi

It was nice to be able to escape the crowded streets and venture into the wide open spaces. Once again we endured a bitter cold night. Those Kmart sleeping bags just weren't cutting it and we got there after the campground had closed, so it was another heatless night. We woke up to a thick frost on the ground and even with mine and Ryder's sleeping bags zipped together and cuddling all night, our fingers and toes were still ice cold in the morning. It was a sleepless night for everyone, that sunrise was a welcome sight. The Blue Mountains weren't what I had expected. instead of being at the base looking up at majestic mountain peaks, we were at the top looking into the lush green canyons below. Still beautiful, just different. These are the famous "Three Sisters" rock formations. 

I would say "Blue Mountains" seems to be a fitting name, given this view.

The sights were gorgeous, but the real reason we came here was for Scenic World with the steepest incline railway in the world. It was pretty freaky as it starts going and you look over the edge and see a straight drop off, you expect to go flying down like a roller coaster. Instead you inch your way down, which is thankfully less thrilling, but without seat belts you have to brace yourself so that you don't fall on top of the people in front of you. The entrance ticket includes unlimited rides on the train, tram and sky rail and the good thing about coming during off peak is that we could ride them as many times as we wanted without waiting forever in line. They said during peak season you can expect to wait about 2 hours for a 5 minute train ride. So maybe sleeping in an icy campervan was a sacrifice worth making. Maybe.

Do you see that drop off?? This is definitely not the look they had on their face on their first trip down, it was sheer terror, but they quickly realized they had nothing to worry about.

We drove by the Sydney temple, everyone was napping (major perk of RV life, everyone just sprawls out on the beds and sleeps while we travel), so it was a quick drive by, but I love visiting new temples.

Bouddi National Park was one of those "if we have time" stops. And I'm so glad we did have that extra time. The swirled sandstone rocks were like something out of this world, it was absolutely incredible.

We hiked to this remote little beach and it felt like we were on a deserted island. The boys built forts and had sword fights, Jason took a nap and Kylie and I sat there soaking in the sun and the views. It was perfect.


Ali said...

The story continues - yay! :-)

Janessa said...

Man, you totally have me sold on the RV thing. Minus the freezing night part, everything else sounds so great! What an adventure! Again, incredible pictures! Those swirled sandstones are so cool. They look like caramel taffy pulled along the beach. I think I might have licked them just to double check :)