Saturday, August 08, 2015

The beginning and the end

I'm sitting here at the desk in our kitchen. The same desk I was sitting at two years ago when I was posting our goodbyes and anticipating what the next two years had in store. It's so weird to be home. It's so weird that this chapter is closed. It's almost like it was just a dream. A really really good dream. Our love story began at this beach on an overcast winter evening.

And it ended much the same way. Physically we have changed. Except for Jason, who I am convinced never ages. We've added a few inches, a few more lost teeth, a few more freckles. But on the inside we've added some resilience, some gratitude, some wanderlust, some humility. This adventure was harder than we had expected, but turned out far better than we could have ever imagined. This pocket of time in our family's story will always be my favorite.


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Janessa said...

What a priceless gift you've given to your kids, to yourself, to your whole family. You will never be the same. In such an incredible and amazing way!