Friday, December 26, 2014

Family Pictures

I must say, this year's pictures have been the easiest by far without a toddler to chase around.  Just a McDonald's frozen sprite bribe and we got smiles for days. And after last year's fiasco without a tripod Jason was so sweet and surprised me with one for Christmas last year. It was so much easier than stacking up a picnic basket, purse and shoes. I really do miss exchanging Christmas cards, I'm excited to get back into it next year. But until then, here's our virtual family Christmas card. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

(don't mind the totally awkard hand holding with Jayden, apparently that's what happens when you set the timer and dash in at the last second)


Ali said...

What a beautiful family. That portrait of Kylie is stunning. Please let her be a famous prima ballerina - she seems to have everything going for her including great beauty :-)

Jodee said...

Love these! SO bright and cheery!

Janessa said...

I just love this sweet beautiful family! Fabulous summer Christmas pictures!