Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Snow bunnies

When we were dating Jason told me that his dream was to have all his kids learn to snowboard. Some people may dream of their kids graduating from Harvard or becoming doctors, but here at the Young household we like to aim high and shoot for the stars. This big dream of his is starting to play out just as he had planned. This is the first time our whole family was on the mountain together, unless you count when Maddox was a baby and Jason strapped him into a hiking backpack and headed down the mountain before getting busted by the ski patrol. Not one of our finer judgement calls in parenting. In our defense, he did have a helmet. This time we were all legitimately on the mountain. This was also Maddox's first time on a board, our first time boarding in New Zealand and our first time boarding in August. It was a good day of firsts. Maddox picked it up really well. I didn't have high hopes, considering his lack luster approach to anything that resembles a sport. Truth be told, he was probably most excited about wearing the snow clothes. But there were no tears, no big wrecks and nothing but a huge grin. He was pretty proud of himself. He already requested that I forward the video footage to his teacher for show and tell. Ryder thought that sledding was the greatest thing since sliced bread with peanut butter and jelly on top. He reminded me of the boy on A Christmas Story who could barely walk in his puffy clothes, but at least he stayed warm. The ski field ("resort" is a little too generous) was perfect. And by perfect I mean we'll take anything. It is nothing like the ones in Utah, it is super tiny but was just right for our family. Kylie and Jayden could go off on their own while Jason worked with Maddox and I stayed with Ryder. Jason and I took a few runs with the older kids and I was impressed with how well Kylie and Jayden have picked it up. I'm usually home with the baby while Jason takes them so I've only seen videos, and they are even more impressive in person. Some days I'm not quite ready to come to grips with fact that we're done having babies, but days like this get me excited as our future begins to open up to so many more opportunities like this as a family.  Jason likes to sit next to me and make fun of me as I type, so I'll wrap this up with his commentary. Pretty embarrassing to admit, but he sorta nailed it. "We whisked away to the mountain as the wind blew through my extensions. Ryder cried but then we saw a rainbow and I knew the day would be good. As I snuggle in bed with the rain pouring down. I pinch myself. I'm in New Zealand." And now I feel the need to apologize for any and all cheesy material that I post. I can't promise it won't happen again, but I'll try.

So this is the entire ski field. Sledding on the left, bunny slope on the right, one "advanced" lift (I'm using that term very loosely) and one beginner's lift in the front.

Maddox was getting so sweaty with all the layers, but he refused to take anything off. He had to look the part.

Little baby chicklet teeth make me weak in the knees. I always get so sad to see those perfect tiny teeth fall out and get replaced by yellow, gnarled, jagged adult teeth. One of life's many tragedies.

I kinda got a thing for Jason when he's all decked out in his gear. And then seeing him do his dad thing while in his gear just makes me drool. And then want to have ten more of his babies.

Cutest little shredders. They make their dad proud. And mom.

And how can you keep a straight face with a tow rope in your crotch? I think it's high time they invested in some actual chair lifts. I mean seriously. That can not be comfortable.

It can also make for some awkward invasion of personal space moments if you're going up with a stranger.

The kids never wrecked going down the mountain, but going up was a different story, these things take some getting used to.

It was weird seeing these huge tropical-ish birds running around on the snow.

I'm not sure if this was the super moon or not, but it looks pretty supa to me. And of course I have to say it...it was a super ending to a super day. See, I told you, you just can't stop the cheese.


Ali said...

You had me laughing out loud Jamie!! Love your sense of humour! - Ali

Jodee said...

oh man, dreams do come true in NZ. That looks like a blast! Thy are so cute with their rosy cheeks and snow gear on. It really is so strange that you are in the snow in August.

Janessa said...

Haha, Jason nailed it! That's totally something Rick would say too! What a neat experience to go snowboarding in NZ! You guys really are doing it all. Little Maddox is just killing me! His sweaty matted hair but he would not even consider stripping off any of his official gear. Oh, what a cute little man! Those "ski lifts" are a crack up! Nice photo documentation and blog mocking. Well done! Such a fun family outing now that you have such big kids! Miss those babies but definitely some benefits to this new stage of life!