Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healthy competition

It's fun to see how each of the kid's personalities have developed and how different they are. We tried one season of T-ball for Maddox a few years ago and I have a picture of him yawning on the pitcher's mound, sitting in outfield and running in the wrong direction. Sports just aren't his thing. And that's okay. Jayden on the other hand, he thrives on competition. Everything is a competition. And it is fun to see him compete because he gives it his absolute all. I love the determined look in his eye and his will to never give up. They had a cross country meet at school, he ran with tears in his eyes and a side cramp, but he kept on running. He didn't place as well as he wanted to and beat himself up about it for days. It's hard trying to teach him that it's okay if he doesn't win at everything and that he should be proud of himself for trying his best and not giving up. He is hardwired to win and that's what gives him his drive, so I can't fault him on that.

The race was during Jason's lunch break and I love that he is so close that he can pop over and be a part of things like this

He's also playing soccer for winter sport at school and is right at home. It was no surprise that he got placed on the A team, he has worked hard and deserves it. They play during school so Ryder and I made an afternoon out of it, complete with suckers and fruit snacks. It was a fun game to watch, Jayden scored two goals and their team won. He is also playing basketball after school. Rain or shine he is out running suicides with the team. Every morning he uses an exercise app on the ipad to hold a work out session in our family room with the little boys. Watching Ryder do the wall sit is kind of the cutest. I'm proud of his hard work and determination, I can't wait to see where it takes him in life.

Let's pause to appreciate this righteous mullet. Like I said, they're all the craze at their school.


Janessa said...

Haha! The righteous mullet takes the cake! Okay, but seriously, I love that kid of yours! He is such a go getter and I love seeing that come out in whatever he does. I would love to watch him play a game of soccer. Ah, maybe someday we'll live close enough to enjoy such a luxury. Did your heart just swell with pride watching Jayden running cross country. What a stud!

Kristal said...

I agree, righteous mullet is hialrious! I love about 3 or 4 pictures up, looks like a kid on the other team is coming around to knock Jayden in the face. Nice shots!!!!