Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Color Run

We may die from inhaling questionably toxic chalk dust, I'm still sneezing purple and Julie I'm so sorry your seatbelts are now a permanent shade of pink. was fun and I think it's safe to say I would do it again.  Chels, I'm sorry you got stuck with me as a running partner, I know your gazelle like legs were dying to go faster.  And sorry I made you stop with me while I peed.  Who pee's during a 5k anyways???  I'm blaming the birthing of 4 children for that one.  The point of the color run is that they throw a different colored chalk on you at each kilometer and at the end you look like a rainbow exploded on you (Oh, and it was a benefit run for the Children's hospital, which is the real reason why we were there, or so we tell people). I don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed that I came out relatively clean.  Julz, our marathon running friend, came in first place for the women, which is why she was blasted from head to toe (even her gums were dyed pink) since she was so far ahead and going through the tunnels alone.  Thanks girls for getting my butt out of bed at 6:30 on a cold Saturday morning so that I can determine just how out of shape I really am and then to spend the afternoon cleaning green chalk out of my belly button and ears. Sign me up for next year!


Jodee said...

That looks like crazy fun! I love the pic of the tunnel of chalk- super cool!
And what happened to my crazy cross country running friend? I bet you kicked that 5k's butt!

Chelsea said...

holy smokes, you are so on the ball! and wow I'm sure it was painful for you with your photog skills to put my iPhone pics up! It was a fun morning for sure, thanks for your and jason and alisa's help in pulling it together! (and thank you for stopping to pee so that I could rest my throbbing shin).

Janessa said...

What a fun race! And, you look totally hot! Nobody would ever guess that you've given birth four times, well, maybe except that you have to stop and pee mid race:) Glad you had a fun time!