Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From sand to snow

Hard to believe we were soaking up the sun on the beach only a couple of days earlier....our little snowboarding trip had a few rough starts but ended up being a really fun trip.

On a scale of 1-10, how horrible are we as parents to strap Maddox onto Jason's back for a quick run down the mountain? When Jason's friend told him that he did it last year, he thought it was the greatest idea ever. I wasn't too sure, but with a helmet on his head and 20 years of boarding under Jason's belt, I gave in. Maddox loved it and it was fun to be able to take a run as a whole family. Too bad ski patrol squashed Jason's dream and wouldn't let him do it anymore (can you blame them??) Anyways...on to the highs and lows of our little trip (I wish I would have taken more pictures)....

-beautiful blue skies and warm weather the first day
-we woke up to a snowy morning and fresh powder the second day
-pulling into the parking lot the second day and finding only FIVE cars in the parking lot so we pretty much had the entire mountain and fresh powder to ourselves
-Using our boards as sleds (and skateboards) and sledding down the mountain with Kylie when we got stuck in the powder on the flat parts
-taking a run by myself, so peaceful and quiet (and a little freaky being the only one on the mountain, especially when I got a little lost)
-watching Jason, cause he's really hot when he's tearing it up on his board.
-building snowmen and having snowball fights while waiting for Jason and Jayden to take a run.
-watching Maddox get so excited when the caterpillar came on the Baby Einstein movie in the car.
-I thought we were having a warm fuzzy moment driving home when Jayden said in his sweetest voice, "I just love family vacations". I started going on about how great it is to be together as a family and he interrupts me and says, "no, I just like it because sometimes people leave us stuff on the porch while we're gone"

-Jayden getting carsick and whining for hours
-making our white trash debut at McDonald's in our pj's. twice.
-icy, crappy snow the first day (I hurt Jason's feelings when I said that snowboarding wasn't my thing anymore :)
-staying at the Supa 8 where it was "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite". Literally. I didn't dare walk barefoot, Jason wouldn't sleep in the sheets and we couldn't even swim in the pool because it was a questionable shade of green.
-Maddox waking up every half hour until I finally brought him into bed where I spent the rest of the night with his cute sweaty little body smothering me while hanging halfway off the bed and not daring to move a muscle because it might wake him up.

We've had such a fun spring break, it's going to be sad to have it end!


Janessa said...

What do mine eyes behold - ANOTHER post from Jamie?! I've been so excited to hear how the baby strapped to the back snow boarding went. I can't believe those mean ski patrol guys nixed it. Oh, well. At least you got one family run in. I'm glad you got some good powder the second day so that snowboarding can still be "your thing". Marriage secure again?:) It sounds like lots of fun. Glad you were able to go and that you all survived the Super 8. Were there any surprises waiting on your porch when you got home? What's a family vacation without treats to come home to? Such a crack up!

Jodee said...

Love the comment by Jayden, it totally sounds like a conversation in our car. Your spring break sounds amazing! Ours is next week, we will be...un packing! What fun! Oh yeah, we got our house that we put an offer on forever ago and are in the process of moving! Yes, we need to talk, I will call you after this crazy move! Love you!

nicole said...

That last picture of Maddox is adorable :)

Chelsea said...

Ah well, it seemed like such a good idea in theory. Glad the patrol is smarter than we are. ;)