Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seven year old interview

A month and a half later, I'm finally getting around to Kylie's birthday interview...

Who are you best friends? Noelle, Marlee and Mia
What is your favorite food? pizza squares
What is your favorite outfit? my pink tank top from my dance recital and my dark shorts that I got for my birthday
What do you want to be when you grow up? a teacher
What is your favorite song? "Jesus came to John the Baptist" and "I've got my eyes set on you"
What is your favorite movie? Madagascar 2
What is your favorite game? Pictureka
What is your favorite book? Henry Huggins and Ribsy
What was your favorite part about being 6? losing my first two teeth and going to the Easter Bunny caves
What do you like most about being 7? going in second grade and I can write and read better
What are your hopes for this next year? to have a nice teacher and nice friends in my class

Happy birthday, Kylie! I am so proud of all you have accomplished over this past year. You have blossomed into such an energetic, outgoing and beautiful girl. You have such a love for life but are never too busy to look out for the needs of others. Your sensitivity is such an example to me, like whenever you get mad at me you immediately say, "I love you mom" even if you're still upset. It immediately makes us both feel better and you've definately taught me a lesson. You are such a great big sister, Jayden looks up to you so much and loves playing with you and Maddox lights up every time he sees you. Thanks for all your smiles, all your hugs, all your kisses, all your love letters, all your little surprises and all the joy you bring to our family. We love you!


Janessa said...

Oh my gosh! When did she grow up? She looks so big in that picture!!! I need to see that girl before she gets any bigger! I love all her answers. Does it make you feel better about the $50 costume fee to know that it's her favorite outfit now? I love that the Easter Bunny caves was one of her favorite things about being six. What a beautiful, sweet and thoughtful girl! I love you Kylie!!!

Jodee said...

Happy birthday Ky! We miss you so much! You are adorable, sweet, and so much fun. Madison still talks about you as her very first friend. I hope we get you two together again soon! We love you!