Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Thoughts....

I've been in a blogging mood lately. I really don't have anything specific to write about, instead it's just a mixture of random thoughts. I figure since this is my journal, someday my kids might be interested to see what random things are going through my head (yes, I'm trying to redeem myself since some of you know that I sabotaged my journals from middle school by trying to make myself look cooler than I really was so that one day my kids would think I was pretty much the coolest person ever. ie: "so today I sat at the lunch table with all the cheerleaders, we're like best friends".... ha, ha! Yes, I'm emberassed to admit that really is a line taken straight from my 7th grade journal. I think by now my kids have pretty much figured out that I'm really not that cool :) Anyways, on with the show....

-Why is it that kids have this innate instinct to do these 3 things: 1) blow bubbles with a straw in milk 2)turn any stick into either a sword or a gun 3)battle it out with eachother with the infamous "yes, no, yes, no" argument. No one (atleast to my knowledge) has taught them any of these things, and in reference to #2 my kids don't even own any toy weapons and are limited to watching PBS, Disney and Nick. Yet, every single kid does these things out of pure natural instincts.
-I'm in the middle of a "24" marathon. I watched the first season then skipped to the 5th and I need to know what happened with Pres. Palmer. Was he elected? Why didn't he serve the full time? Chloe seriously bugs, they have got to get rid of her or I may boycot.
-Kylie started her gymnastics class and loves it.
-It is finally "cooling off" and I'm loving it! It's still in the 90's, but to me it feels like fall. Atleast it cools off at night
-To sit or not to sit, that is the question....Jayden was too short to stand by the toilet when I potty trained him and now I'm having the debate whether I should teach him to stand or not. Jason says yes. I say to wait until he's older and can aim better, but since he's at school should I start now?
-I only keep Kylie's favorite papers and art projects from school and throw the rest away. I wish I could keep them all, but there's just no place to keep everything. There is a strategic method for discarding them. All papers must be face down in the garbage, no bright colored papers can be showing and there must be atleast one layer of garbage covering them. So many times Kylie has been crushed when she finds her work in the garbage. I totally play the innocent card and act shocked that it "accidentally" got thrown away. I won't deny that Jayden has been unsuspectingly dealt the blame for these occurances as well. I hope one day Kylie can forgive me....and just remember that all your best work is in a safe place that I will always treasure :)
-I got a gym membership for the first time. I'm very excited to go. The spin class killed me.
-Jayden meets with his speech therapist once a week at preschool. I asked him if he had speech today and he replied, "no, just juice and crackers". I didn't realize there was a snack called "speech"...
-I'm very excited for this week's "Premiere Week". I am so ready for some mindless TV watching after the kids go to bed. The Office, Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor....bring it on!
-"Oregon Trail" was the coolest computer game ever.
-Kylie's school sent a note home saying that the district has decided to not observe Halloween. No Halloween crafts, costume parades, parties. Nothing. They said that they don't want to distract from the learning environment or desensatize the children with such a violent holiday. They do realize that the reason I signed on as a room mom was to bring cup cakes for the Halloween party. I may resign from my position.
-There is an art to price matching at Wal-mart. You must always do a drive-by past the registers to scan for the prime cashiers. Never, I repeat never, go to anyone over the age of 30. The older they are, the worse they are. This can become a problem if you shop in the middle of the day where the age margin sky rockets to 60, due to school. In my experience (which is alot) the worst are the old ladies who are of a different nationality (no I am not racist, this is pure observation), then old ladies in general, then middle aged girls, then young girls and the number one spot is a tie between the acne prone teenage boys and the sweet old men. I don't try to rip them off, but the old ladies always think I'm lying and I have to show the adds for EVERY item. The youngin's could care less. I have my 2 favorite cashiers, "bible study girl" (we bonded when she told me her love story with a fellow wal-mart cashier) and "Jared" (we bonded when I told him Jennifer thought he was cute and as an added bonus he works during the day)
-Jayden's new favorite thing is for me to draw a pirate ship for him. It sounds simple enough, but what once started out as a way to keep him quiet in church has now grown out of control. I have to precisely draw a ship complete with a plank, flag, two pirates (no more, no less), one treasure chest, a treasure map with "X marks the spot", and waves. When I am finished he turns the page and says "again". This could go on for hours. He has notebooks full of the exact same pirate ship scene. I don't know how to put an end to the madness. (Chelsea, I am reminded of your farm animal days with Koston, any ideas?)
-I love coming home and the kids run up to me and act like they haven't seen me in weeks. It's the best.
-Kylie got invited to her first sleepover b-day party. I didn't think that I'd have to start thinking about this already. I don't think I'll let her spend the night, I think she's too young. I still don't know if I want to let her have sleepovers at all, I've heard too many stories and I don't want to risk it. But I know I'll be fighting her over this topic for years like I did with my parents if I say no. I just don't know.....

Wow, I guess I had alot on my mind.


MommyRohner said...

That is so funny about the school papers. We go through the same thing over here. Remember when we did canning and all those peels, etc. that we put in the trash? Well, Daxton had this HUGE rolled up apple tree on yellow butcher paper that he'd brought home the week before and I had put it in the trash. After we were done canning he noticed it was in there and dug it out, took it upstairs, and taped it back up. Of course I wasn't home. I left it up for another week, and then threw it away again. He hasn't noticed it's gone yet.
I love your random thoughts.

Melissa said...

So much to say Jamie....

1. Stand. It's better for the future. You may need to clean your toilets a little more but it is worth it.
2. Fall is underrated. Can't wait!
3. Watching "24" on DVD is the way to do it. It is too hard to wait one week for a new episode. Good stuff.
4. Oh how we have been through the same thing with the papers in the garbage. I have to wait until she is out of sight and the chuck em.
5. Trunk or Treat - Riggs Building - October 30th at 6:00. You are so invited!
6. Jamie, we need to hang out. We need to discuss Price Matching. You nailed it - it is all about the age. The old fogies are the worst! You should see my face when they ask for the ad for every single thing I buy as my children destroy the aisle and open up candy that I haven't paid for. It's like, "seriously?"

I loved your post Jamie - you are beyond awesome!

Chelsea said...

SERIOUSLY! the school paper thing is WAY TOO FAMILIAR! I do the same thing, casually put them face down and push them deep down, but he has caught me one too many times now & same thing, CRUSHED :( so now I just make sure to put something on top- I feel bad, but there is just no way to keep it all! Worksheets always go in the trash but I try to save 'special' art projects, etc--

Ah yes, the repeated object drawing, just a phase but I must say you sound like you are mastering it as you did all the trains!

The sleepover thing, I am no help! I was thinking about that yesterday & I was torn, I want to let them but then I DONT! You just never know, and like you said you cant say yes to some people's houses & no to others or they are gonna get offended!

Chelsea said...


I say STAND for Jayden too!

and last night we all went to the dreaded Wal-mart and Jer was so nice to point me in the direction of the YOUNG GUY & of course there were NO ISSUES! he even told me some of the ad prices I didn't know! Hooray for teenagers!

Bo Brooke Jer & Ky said...

Thats fun reading your thouhts! Alot of them are the same as mine!
-mindless tv, bring on the sitcoms!
-Jayden, I say stand!
-My kids also, turn anything into a sword, blow bubbles with straws, and play tug of war with yes and no
-I am guilty of tossing woksheets too. And yes, I always have to cover with something else.
-I loved Oregon Trail.
-I do the SAME thing with ad match. I always go to the young cashier boy, talk his ear off and flash him a smile. Hey, gotta get my discounts!
Your entries are the best Jamie.

Bret, Marisa, Kelsey, & Blake said...

I LOVED this post! I am the queen of random thoughts and totally loved yours! this is why a blog is so cool--these are the things you'll want to look back and read.

I totally understand the sleepover thing. We've heard you have to take a stand now and never waver (from our friends and fam). I'm thinking we'll let Kel do 'late night overs" where she can stay there until late (depending on her age) and then we come and get her--even if it's 11 or 12. After that point, I figure, what good things are happening? what do you think?

Chapman Family said...

I love the journal enrtry, you were so clever! I never even thought about that, my kids will just KNOW I'm a dork!
As for the art projects, we save a spot on a wall or door somewhere and we rotate. When the space is full, she picks one to take down so that the new one can go up. I only keep a few, the others go in the recycle, she likes that better than the trash, "it will get used again by another kid somewhere!"
And what the heck, no halloween? Pretty soon there will be signs up saying "no fun allowed, we wouldn't want to offend anyone with laughter or smiles just incase they are allergic!" So LAME!

Shanen said...

What a fun post...so funny how we all can relate to so many things. Last year when Kylee was in Kinder, we saved EVERYTHING in a big box that computer paper comes in. She decorated it and all. At the end of the year we had a fun time going through it piece by piece. We made catagories and then we took turns saving one...throwing one. It was actually fun to compare all of their activites, writing, and projects. Just a thought. Also since my Kruz is only 18 months, I have NO EXPERIENCE with the boys and bathroom toilets, but someone told me to put cheerios in the toilet and let them try to "sink" them. I'll probably try it.

Diana said...

I'm sure I'll forget about one topic or another that I want to comment on, but here goes:

I'll be the lone ranger on this and say sit until he's taller. I have a friend whose sons didn't learn to stand until they were in K because other boys taught them. No they are not socially inept boys. I hate cleaning toilets, though.

Loved Oregon Trail and yes, that was a random one.

No Halloween?!? We use to go home at lunch get all dressed up and go back to school for parades through the school. Then eat cupcakes and all sorts of junk until 3:00. Our kids will miss out for sure.

Can you teach me how to draw a pirate ship?!? Scan one of your great drawings. I want to see! Yes I'm serious. Carter would love it.

Grey's is tonight--I've woken up every morning this week thinking Is it Thursday yet? Then today I wake up thinking it's Friday until I realize, Grey's is tonight yea!

Do you think they price match at every Walmart? I've never heard of it at Walmart but I'm always there--if only Target price matched. Hmm.

And lastly, I say no to sleep overs too, only b/c one of my dearest mentors/friends in CA took a stand with her kids and one of them was still hurt. (I'd never thought of this issue before she shared with me) We have to protect our kids. And yes, it is still very young for Kylie to be away over night at a friends anyway.

Chapman Family said...

I was talking with Ronnie about the whole sleepover thing last night and we were torn as well. However, we did have an idea that might work, let me know what you think...We could say no sleepovers untill you are a certain age, like 10 or something. I don't know, that is still up for debate. But anyway, an age that you feel your child is old enough to be able to "say no", make smart choices, stand up for herself etc... At least it isn't a total NEVER and they are still able to experience the fun that sleepovers are. But they would also be a little older, wiser, and more able to protect themselves. Anyway, just our thoughts, it is so hard to know about things like this. Let us know what you think...

MommyRohner said...

Since it seems like there is a poll of some sort going on... I'll join in.
I think Jayden should sit. I've already talked with you about this, but trust me, if you have more boys you'll be glad they're sitting. There's enough accidents with sitting... I can't imagine them having the free range of motion that standing allows. Good LUck.

Young family said...

Thanks for all the feedback...first of all, I love all of your ideas about the precious art projects, I may have to try them. second: After the input about the standing issue I've been trying to teach Jayden and he wants nothing to do with it, but I'll keep working on it (I may have to use your cheerio idea, Shanen!) Either that or he'll learn thru peer pressure. third: I'm glad I'm not alone on the sleepover issue. When I was growing up I was the ONLY one that wasn't allowed to out of my friends and that made it harder, so maybe it will be easier if I'm not the only mean mom. I like the "late over" idea alot. And as for the ad matching, I think that all the Wal-marts do it. It takes more time to go through all the ads, but I love the one stop shopping and the money I save. It's also good for the day after Thanksgiving sales b/c you can avoid the lines at the other stores and price match the same toy at Wal-mart where it will most likely be in stock. Thanks for your help and enjoy your Thursday night TV viewing! :)

Young family said...

Jod, I've thought about that as well, but honestly I'm just as scared of the sleepovers when they are older. I'll always worry about the molesters but I keep hearing stories about kids getting busted for looking at porn on the computer during sleepovers after the parents go to bed, watching naughty movies or sneaking out, those kinds of things. I know I sound like those paranoid moms that I swear I never would be, but it just scares me....but I do need to make up my mind and take a stand now...and Mandy, thanks for the advice we may have the only boys that sit, but atleast we'll have clean toilets, right?

Suni said...

Okay I have been keeping all of Abby's papers but am realizing it is just too much! I have no idea about little boys...wish I did!! The sleepover issue is a no for my kids, a sad no cause I grew up with fun sleepovers! Oh I need your tips on price matching, it NEVER goes smooth and I end up saying fine I will pay whatever!!

Chapman Family said...

You also have to look at it this way... You are an amazing mother and have taught your kids to choose the right, say no, and stand up for what they believe. You have to have faith in them that they will not do what they know they are not supposed to do. Have faith in yourself that you have taught them correct principals and given them the courage and confidence to choose correctly. Thats what it is all about, giving them strong roots and then letting them use those strong roots to grow, learn, and develope. Have a little more faith in yourself, you are a great mom and you have great kids! I am not saying that you should let them go willy nilly (did I just say willy nilly?) and be crazy. They do need boundaries and limits. But they also need a chance to test those limits and build confidence in themselves, for themselves.
I still don't know where to stand on the sleepover thing, but this just gives another perspective!
I love you and think that you are an amazing mother with amazing little kids!

Russ and Sheba Price said...

Jamie, I love your "Random Thoughts." I am going to try and comment on your subjects. I think Jayden should definitely STAND! J/K!! I don't know a darn thing when it comes to that!:(

Okay for real, I have thrown a lot of paper work in the garbage and I did learn the hard way to throw it away when they are not looking or dead asleep! I got a 'talk or two' when I did and then I would feel really bad. I only keep journal entry's and some cute pictures that they drew.

As far as the the sitcoms this week I think I taped all of them! I just want to see which ones I will like.

Now about the sleepover thing, I don't let my girls sleep over anywhere. We have 'stay late' nights all the time and I like that much better. I can't make any exceptions because it complicates things if I let them do it one time. There are so many things to be careful about but if I can prevent that one thing, I would do anything in my power to do so. This subject is a little personal to me but I hope this helps.

I love all of your posts Jamie. You always have a way to make others think. I like that! I don't know if I would post any of my random thoughts! It might be totally boring!:)

Cazier Clan said...

I am so out of the loop here. I actually read through this post the other day but didn't have time to post a comment. And this post requires more then a quick little comment. Here it is.

-Stand (if you can sell Jayden on it.)
-You seem to have figured out the art of disposoing of school papers properly. We've had some digging special papers out of the garbage episodes at our house too.
-You survived a spin class!? Now, the question is, will you go back for more? I took one once and after about five minutes realized that I'd fall off my bike in exhaustion before the class was over if I stayed. I decided it best to walk just walk out of the class at that point with a little diginity left.
-I can't belive they're not doing Halloween at school. Are they banning all holidays? What about bringing in cupcakes for birthdays? I'd turn in my two weeks notice as a room mom.
-I love the price match tips. You should write a book on that or something.
-I'm impressed with your pirate ship drawing skills. So funny!

I'm so glad you posted your random thoughts since I havn't been able to talk with you much this week. I feel like I'm still in touch with your world.

Cazier Clan said...

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot about the sleepover thing. I know we've talked about it before and you know that we've decided to just do "Late Overs". I'm really glad to hear that so many other people have the same feelings on that one. It was a lot harder when everybody else was doing the sleepovers. Maybe they will not be as common as the world gets scarier. You'll have to let me know what you guys decide.

Morris Family said...

Wow- you did have a lot on your mind. I honestly think that my favorite part was the fact that you edited your middle school journal to seem "cooler" than you were. That is hilarious... I love it!

Cazier Clan said...

I love the new blog look! Is that a Damask pattern? Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?

Young family said...

You are right, I didn't realize the background matched my pillows so nicely! I must have damask on my mind...

MommyRohner said...

Love the new look. So clean and neat.

Kristin said...

I love these random thoughts. I think I need to do that more often! I totally agree about the sword thing and the bubbles. I think you forgot something. It seems like no matter where it is, or if you want them in it or not they find WATER! (Or some sort of liqued to play in!)

Carson Calderwood said...

We scan the good kids art and keep them on the computer.