Thursday, November 03, 2016

Halloween 2016

When we were kids we celebrated Halloween just on Halloween. Mom would pull out the plastic tub of costumes from storage that we would sift through piecing together costumes before heading out for an hour of trick or treating dressed as Pocahontus, a clown or a combination of both. And it was the best day ever. Now there's school parties, ward parties, neighborhood parties, studio parties and friend parties. Not to mention the week of Halloween themed after school snacks, a Halloween school lunch and a Halloween mystery dinner. It all makes for a bit of a hectic month, but I sorta love it all.

My favorite dark knight at the neighborhood party. He wanted to dress as a missionary so he would have another excuse to wear his suit, but I convinced him it would get too dirty.

Kylie had fun celebrating with her friends, first to her studio party then with friends to a big "Haunted Ranch" dance party put on in Mesa. She spent Halloween at a street party with friends and thank goodness for snap chat so I can see what fun she was up to.

Ryder's class had their nursery rhyme parade. I was pretty darn proud of the float us room moms made. It was a fun morning. 

We had our mystery dinner, the kids always look forward to that and it makes me happy that they enjoy it as much as I do.

So with Kylie off with friends and Jayden trick or treating with his friends, it was just Jason and I with the little guys cruising around in the golf cart collecting an insane amount of candy. Hot showers, five pieces of candy and one episode of Scooby Doo then they were off to bed. Jayden and Kylie trailed in a little later and that wrapped up the end of another fabulous holiday.