Monday, May 30, 2016

The authentic Mexican experience

I quickly became accustomed to slow mornings like this. No last minute papers to sign, shoes to find, lunches to make and hair to comb. Just uninterrupted conversation, a good book and fresh fruit on the balcony under a canopy of trees before deciding whether to hit the pool or the beach.

Jason and I have been to Cozumel before and had the best time cruising around the island on scooters, so we decided we had to do it again. Things started out great...well, minus the time when I peeled out, hit the median and flipped my scooter over. But after that things were off to a good start. Our own little biker gang, the sun kissing my spray tanned shoulders and the wind blowing through my hair extensions.

We took a pit stop for pina coladas, nachos and naps in hammocks on the beach. Best pit stop ever.

Matching ear patches for that ferry ride. Aw, so cute.

So it was all fun and games until Holly had a bad feeling and wanted to return her scooter. I returned mine too, hopped on the back of Jason's to cruise around a little longer, snapped this picture and then heard Marshall yelling at us to come back, Holly had been in an accident. Thankfully there were only minor scrapes and bruises, but the accident was her fault and things got messy when the police came and discovered Holly didn't have her license with her. They took her to the police station in the back of a patrol car. If you know Holly, the back of the police car in Mexico is the last place you would ever expect to see her. Poor thing, she handled it so well, even with threats of spending the night in jail. After spending all evening at the station they finally worked out a deal to pay off the cops to switch the paperwork into her husband's name since he had his license on him. $1100 later and we were finally on the last ferry back. It's not a trip to Mexico without a few good stories to bring home.

Our last day we spent the morning cruising around, just the two of us.

Sad to see the end of such an incredible vacation, but always ready to get back to the kids. Especially because it was Kylie's birthday and because we found out Ryder had spent the whole night throwing up. I tell you, my sister is a saint. Up all night with my sick baby then up first thing in the morning to make birthday pancakes. I've never loved her more. She loves my kids like her own and they love her back. Ryder can't stop talking about his time at Aunt Nessa's, the other day he told me, "I don't want to tell you this because it might make you sad, but....I like Aunt Nessa's food better than yours". Haha! They all had the best time playing with their cousins and are counting down the days until they can see them again this summer. It was so nice being able to relax and know my kids were in such good hands, but my mama heart wanted nothing more than to rush home, scoop him up and snuggle him until he felt better.

But back to Kylie. We tried so hard to get a flight back earlier so that we could be there to celebrate with her, but it just didn't work out. We did manage to get back with a half hour left to party, so we slipped out for a midnight run to Chili's. Loved spending time with just our birthday girl. Even if she wouldn't stop farting. I can't believe my baby is 14, glad we got celebrate at midnight over a plate of mozzarella sticks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cruising Coba

Coba is massive. It was once the heart and home of the largest population (estimated around 100,000) in all of the ancient Mayan cities. It was a bustling metropolis with around 6,500 structures, with only a small fraction uncovered today. With so much to explore, the best way to cover it all was on bikes. So fun to cruise along these ancient roads while envisioning what life was like.

We climbed to the top of the Nohoc Mul pyramid, the tallest in the Yucatan. This was no small feat. I thought my lungs were about to explode by the time we reached the top. So much for all those morning runs keeping me in shape. But that view over the jungle canopy was worth it.

Several tourists have slipped and fallen to their death on the way down, the steps are quite narrow, steep and slippery from so much wear. It was a little nerve wracking making our way down.

The arena where the warriors played a Mayan ball game.

After that we cooled off in an incredible cenote. This thing was massive with a small opening and wooden staircase leading down to this huge sinkhole. The water was freezing and the deep dark unknown sorta freaked me out, but every one else took turns jumping from the platform about 35 feet high.

We ate dinner at the most delicious Argentine restaurant. Mike served his mission in Argentina and had some great recommendations (chorizo empanadas for the win, or so I hear). We finished the night off with souvenir shopping for the kids and Haagen Dazs. And the beginning of the end with digestive issues. Everyone was dropping like flies, except Melissa and I. We were all super careful not to drink the water and eat only at reputable places, but something in the food just didn't settle well. Kind of a bummer, but it's all part of the Mexican experience!